half outlaw

Half Outlaw - so whos gonna be up for it ? june next year at HPP. nice warm up for the full one image 




  • is it not a bit close to the full one though, if its in June? Wouldn't early-mid May be better? Cold but better timing?

  • Indeed. I may look at moving the plan around, especially as the only other real contender I can see at the right time is Slateman!
  • DK - do you have insider knowldge?? has it been confirmed? I might be mad enough to enter thatimage

    didn't see you today by the way, but I had a great time and was 9 mins faster than in May, so really pleased - most of the time came off the runimage

  • I might be tempted.

  • I am going to have a go I think - just need to work on the bike, swim and run and I will be fineimage

  • OK, I know I can do the run bit no problem......it's just the swim and the bike lol image

    How many lengths of a pool does a 1.2 mile swim equate to?
  • 76 saffy (if it's a 25'm pool) image
  • saffy - same here, but given I can cycle 25 miles, just need to work up from thereimage, oh, and figure out how to drink while I am cycling....

  • 76 lengths of a 25m pool image

    I've not heard anything about this?! I think I'd be up for that! 

  • Bookie, the Outlaw people tweeted over the weekend to be ready for some "half interesting news" next week. So we've put 2 and 2 together and probably made 56

    Edited cos of bloody autocorrect
  • I missed the news! image

  • This comes from the bloke who organises the outlaw. He's a friend of a friend who saw him today at last minute tri. This will be happening image
  • Oh bloomin' 'eck...decisions, decisions...
  • excellent DK - I may be crazy but am going to do itimage

    hopefully we'll get to know a date soon. Might make it my A race for the year

  • date wrong for me.same weekend as Enduroman and too close to Bala

  • D0MD0M ✭✭✭

    If it`s on, i`m in.  Entries closed for the full Outlaw before i was ready to commit (financially and wanted to wait until after my first tri next Sunday). June would be good for me.

  • seren - how do you know what date it will be?

  • It's 2 June but this should be cOnfirmed soon
  • Now I am keen on this one. Half the distance means half the training so hubby can't complain at that ..... surely!!!!! image

  • D0MD0M ✭✭✭

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!    2nd June is my birthday!!   Defo man.


  • IF it is the 2nd, will it actually be too close to the full? You would have thought they'd set the date to fit with a 'conventional' plan for the full, no?


  • Have missed out on the opportunity for outlaw for a number of reasons and as me and hubbie wanted to do it decided to hold back as financially too stretching but a half 2nd of June sounds very tempting wonder when this will open entries we could both do this and half the price and then plan for the full next year

  • There isn't a conventional plan, first timers will train very differently to a seasoned vet, a month gives you ages to recover if its not your first year
  • I've already shelled out £250 for the big one, and for that reason, I'm out image

  • 5 weks before is plenty of time............most pirates did bala 3 weks before IMCH when I did it and i beleive the previous year they only had 2 weeks between bala and IMF...............but with 2 weeks you have to ecide whether to race it or use it as a training pace event.........

    5 weeks is when you will be at your peak training so can't see the problem........seems ideal to me......

  • I agree ... 4 or 5 weeks out is more than enough recovery time from half to full, if you dont recover from a 1/2 IM in that time IMO your training is all wrong   image

  • How can 5 weeks out be to close to the full? 

    Surely 5 weeks out is perfect timing, most of you will (or should be) doing 5/6 hour training sessions in the 4-8 weeks before the taper starts. 

    Aside from that, if youre entering it as a prep event you shouldnt necessarily be racing it eyeballs out as if it was your A race.

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