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  • Been a bit busy the last couple of days so hence my lack of posting!! 

    Don't overdo the wet weather gear, you don't want to get too hot on the bike if it's wet!

    The lake at Holme Pierrepont does heat up quite quickly if it gets some sun on it, I remember it going from 14 to 19 C in a week last year.

    And you'll be amazed what race day adrenalin will do for your bike speed!

    Right time for me to get a wiggle on and finish my moving!

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    alibear - well done on the swim. I am feeling exactly the same, I have no idea if I can actually finish the swim or bike within the cutoffs. I do know that if I get to the run I will be ok, will probably be walking it all but that is ok. 

    now, trying to decide whether to just chill this morning (OH and kids have been away for the weekend and are coming back today) or go for an ow swim. Already decided not to bike or run, and actually slept till 8 - probably because there weren't any arguing kids to wake me up. My plan for this week is to catch up on sleep I think so I am as rested as could possibly be for next weekend. Not training so much means more time for wibbling though

  • Well still not sure about whether to come at the weekend. Seems a waste of a training week to come and get a swim in and thats all. I was seriously so cold after  33mins in the water on Saturday that I couldn,t even talk properly. 3 women decided I looked so awful in changing room they were pushing me in shower and offering to take wetsuit off for me.

    I'd have an hour and 8 mins to get out of T1. Not sure about the other cutoffs, though not particularly worried about them or maybe thats only because I don't know what they areimage

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    snail - you should come, you will probably be fine, and even if you don't make the cut off to get out of T1, well, you will have had the experience of a swim start, ow swim in race conditions and you will have met all of usimage and if I don't make the cut off either then we can spend the rest of the day cheering on everyone elseimage

    the water at Holme Pierrepoint might be warmer than where you were on Saturday. I know where I went yesterday was a lot warmer than the place I was at on Tuesday. It is set to be a generally warmer week this week (let's face it the weather on Friday and temperatures overnight Fri/Sat were awful so no wonder the water was horrible - that is why I waited till yesterday) and the forecast for Friday is warm, so the water should be ok. 

    basically, snail, I am saying come and do it and see what happens. That is the approach I am taking, I know I haven't done enough training, specially on the bike, can't run much because of a knee injury that happened after I entered the damn thing. Would be a waste of £125 not to even give it a go. And you get to keep the T-shirt whether you make it round or not!

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Southern Snail, MC is right and if I am right in thinking that you have swum at Thorpe, then HPP wlll feel warmer as its not so  deep.


  • HPP is an easier swim than Thorpe, as Steady says. More duckshit at HPP though, tastes vile.

  • Now I'm waveringimage

    Have swum at thorpe and this last week at Shepperton. Going again today and Wednesday but I've only managed about 1000/1100m. Have emailed to ask the temperature of HPP

  • If you can manage 1000M at Thorpe, you will be fine. That sounds like one medium and one small lap. Personally, I find one large lap of Thorpe just as easy as a medium one. Stick that on your 400 lap and bang, there's your 1900M. Just take it slow and easy. HPP is also an easy sighter as you just stay parallel to the bank up and back.  

  • Racing





    TimmyG (bike of a relay)

    Southern Snail



    im on holiday this week with a ear infection, image

    not training as much as I should be image today I did a 6 mile run with my son which was good.

    im back late Friday the leaving for Nottingham on Saturday

    is anyone staying at the Great Western? 

  • Been good and read the race pack.

    So we have to be on bike by 8am which is 1hr 8 mins after the last swim start.
    Have to be on the run by 12:20 which is 4hrs 20 mins after the last bike start.
    We have to finish by 16:00 which is 3hrs 40 mins after the last run start.

    Means we get a little more time for the  bike and run that I'd thought. You know folks we may just manage this. Fingers crossed for a dry still dayimage

    Now transition no mention of being given a transition bag and it's all in the same place so not split. Hmm what to pack and what to pack it in? Surely they'll give us 1 transition bag.

    Oh and local people say HPP lake is always warmer as it has no deep spots. Also don't forget a few hundred people will have swum in it, in the previous races so will have warmed it up for us. image


  • Losing track of days and dates here but if anyone is around HPP on Friday there is a VUE Emergency Services Tri taking place, this could be opportunity to put a toe in the water and to see an event in action if you havent already ... you will also get the added bonus of seeing me, I shall try and remember to wear something piratey although I shall be sporting Black & White for this event  image

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    meldy - I may drag the kids over to watch you! Last day of half term treat/torture for them. Actually my eldest kid is going to do a triathlon at school so I can get him to watch people in transition - he thought he would be getting out of the pool, getting dried and putting his PE kit on! 

    are you part of a relay team?

    hmm, 56 miles divided by 4 hours 20 gives 13 miles an hour, but a bit of transition time is needed. I always seem to average about 12 miles an hour when I am out on my bike, but in the sprint tris I have done have managed 15mph, so I am hoping I can do more than 12mph average. A strong wind like today and I will be in trouble though

  • Right SS! You have got to do it, failure is not an option, beside even though due to the OH's accident I have had to abandon the start line myself, we will be there supporting you and all the other pirates. If the OH can manage to get himself to HPP with the amount of broken ribs he's got, then it's easy peasy for you to get there with a tiny itsy bitsy dent in your confidence! image

  • Mathschick .. yes, swim only for me, I've done my Tri for the month  image

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    SS - just seen that you are training for the full outlaw too. Right, you must do this, it will give you practice at transitions. It is in the same place as the full outlaw and part of the bike route is the same, so you will be getting practice at the route. Look at it as a training session with lots of people about. Lining up on Sunday will mentally help you for your bigger race, you will know where you are going, you won't need to worry about all the logistical things because you have been there before and kind of done half of it already. 

    I know I am really wibbling and half wishing I get ill so I don't have to do it. I often feel the same about things that I am unconfident about - lesson observations at school for example, but it is always the same, on the day it is not so bad and I wonder why I wasted so much energy and time worrying!

    You are more than capable of doing the distances (the furthest I have cycled is 40 miles). Do it, enjoy it, and feel more comfortable for the full outlaw

  • You people are wonderful. Race on Sunday back onimage

    Have just been swimming again and although only 11/1200m again and half an hour again I wasn't quite as cold and was almost enjoying it. But I'm not going to get carried away. I only said I almost enjoyed itimage


  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    excellent SS

    just need to make sure I can talk myself into standing on the starting lineimage actually, standing there isn't too bad, getting into the water is ok, starting to swim, ok, ...each little bit is ok, so I will take it in little bits....and it will all be okimage


  • I'm kind of looking forward to this now. In undertrained for the main event ask this is a training weekend and long run. 

  • Southern Snail, I swam at Thorpe on Saturday morning and could not believe how cold it was.  The first few minutes I was in agony and thought I would only manage one loop, was bliddy freezing when I got out.  I swam tonight in our local lake  and it was balmy compared to Thorpe.   Like all have said we are swimming in a shallow man made lake and it will be much warmer.  I'm glad you have decided go be there on the start line. image

  • Good racing everyone for next Sunday and dont forget to programs your Garmins for the end of the race 


    Not sure mine does this image


  • SS, that time is fine, about a 50 min 1900M. Time to spare.

    MC, one step at at time. Don't think about the distance, just, "are my arms still working?" If yes, keep going. Have a ball.

  • Yeah!!! image


  • SS - if you're doing the full Outlaw, this will be the best thing you can do to take the mystery out of that.

    Just sit at the back of the group on the swim and follow everyone else and it'll be over before you know it!! Just keep moving forward at whatever pace and you're one step closer to the finish.

    The support throughout will be fantastic and just keep smiling!! image

  • Bad news on water temperature. It's currently 13 degreesimage

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    SS - it could warm up by then - and if not then the swim could be shortened. amendments to rules have just been issued by British Triathlon and there is mention of water temperature and air temperature. But don't worry about it.


    am I right to plan not to get changed in transition - to wear monaco and shorts under wetsuit and then just strip and go? unless it is a cold day I will dry off fairly quickly I would have thought. I am thinking I might not have time to waste getting changed


  • Forecast 21 degrees and sunny on Friday though...18 degrees and sunny on Sunday at the race.  That should warm the water slightly!!

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    the nights are going to be warmer than they have been lately as well which will help

  • Racing

    TimmyG (bike of a relay)
    Southern Snail

    I'm not sure about racing, just aiming to get out of the swim in time and get around, will be on the Caravan site from Friday

    Nervous doesn't cover it but I have slain my open water demons, just need to get quicker

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    it is so nice to know I am not the only one that is 'nervous' image we'll all be fine.

  • At least there's a lot of people that look as though they'll be near the back. 

    That's much more comforting than my usual worry that everyone will swim off and leave me on my own...when there's a group of you, it actually is enjoyable and you can encourage each other.

    Who's camping?  I am, but need to dig out my 2 man tent which I haven't used since Outlaw 2011...fingers crossed it's still in one piece image

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