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  • You can add me to the "nervous bunch"

    Am thinking of wearing tri shorts though not sure I've ever cycled 56 miles in them and then I think I might put a top on in transition so its dry, then depending on weather depends on how many layers I put on. Are warmers take a while but might be worth it.

    I've only done one triathlon 5 years ago and had a plastic box with lid for transition. Is there room for that. Seems a bit pointless having a bag so everything gets wet if it rains.

    I need to worry about nutrition too.

    In fact I think I just need to worryimage

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    on the facebook page they said something about transition bags. Sometimes boxes aren't allowed because of the space they take up - you could email them or ask on the facebook page

  • From the Outlaw Half info pack:

    "There will be one transition area positioned at the bottom end of the lake in front and to the side of the boat stores. Please ensure that you only bring kit which is absolutely necessary into the transition area. This will be your transition for both the Swim-Bike and Bike-Run. There will be No change tent available and nudity is not permitted so please consider this in your race preparations."

    So no change tent, no bags and no nekkedness (boooo!!) i.e. just like a normal triathlon.

    From the transition plan on the site, it looks like they've taken out the Outlaw Full Change tent for another transition area with racking.

    The pic below is the Outlaw transition area from 2010.  This was about 800 bikes and they're expecting 1300 this weekend (although in wave starts). The tent at the far end won't be there and a further transition area will be in it's place.

    More pics from Outlaw 2010 and 2011 in my gallery at www.sub17.net





    And this is what you're looking for...the finish that is, not the Medical Tent... image



  • Timmy_G wrote (see)

    Forecast 21 degrees and sunny on Friday though...18 degrees and sunny on Sunday at the race.  That should warm the water slightly!!

    image It never rains on the rightous!image

    image I can see my bike from that photo, I'd like to claim it's a desintive colour but the truth is you can see the rust from here.image

  • long time no see cake!! you competing or around supporting this sunday?

    After reccying the bike course yesterday, during the afternoon using a thermometer i took the temperature of the water it was hovering around 14.5 degree C. so hopefully it contiues to get warmer in the next few days..

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Steve Ho, thanks for the water temp info, that is making me feel better as it was around the same temp last year for the full.

    Thanks TimmyG, I had not read the pack properly and totally missed the fact there would be no change tent. Plans changed, no problem.

  • No change tent, blimey, for hard nuts only then.image


  • I will be there biking and running! image

  • Steve imageimageimageimage supporting are you doing this one? image

  • That buggers up my race kit plans, I have no tri shorts and I will need to change after the swim and bike, towel wrapped around me will have to do...!! No way I'm cycling in Tri shorts as my delicate fat arse won't take it!!!!image


    Mad dash to buy some tri shorts is on the cards

  • Chris, no nudity includes nipples! Even for blokes. BTF rules.

  • I'll have plasters on them!!! So I need a 2 piece tri suit !! The one thing I don't have!! Erm bugger

  • With the no nippels rule, is that all teh way through or only after T1 - don't loads of people do sprint tri's in just trunks and the then put tops on afterwards?

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    looks like the weather is going to be warmer fri and sat and sun which is good for water temp. Don't want it too hot Sun afternoon though, I am not good in the heat

  • cake - yeah unfortunately i'm doing this one.. swimming is still just as rubbish or worst...l so I'll be racing for last place on the swim..lol


  • Just trying to work out Saturdays training to allow myself a free day to come and support


  • I was also almost going to be naked image 

    maybe a Tri suit but 56 miles is a long way with no padding 

  • 7755matt wrote (see)

    With the no nippels rule, is that all teh way through or only after T1 - don't loads of people do sprint tri's in just trunks and the then put tops on afterwards?

    How about you paint a trisuit on yourself - Halfords should have some spray paint...what could go wrong?? image

  • Trying to work out if I can do this in a one piece tri suit and be capable of removing it WHEN I need to loo!! the lack of padding for the bike puts me off.

    I do not want to buy more sodding kit.


    *EDIT* panic over, found some lycra shorts to wear in the swim with flat seams that can go under the bike and run shorts....*flounces off for a lie down*

  • Mrs SAMrs SA ✭✭✭

    Chris 68 .... we have your DIY Half IM T-shirt at our house and a pirate umbrella.

  • Cheers Mrs SA, are you coming over to the Half? If not I will make a trip over to colect them. I will mail Q my mobile number if you are coming over

    Anyway, nudity and no nipples, I think this just about covers it....



  • Mrs SAMrs SA ✭✭✭

    Yep, thinking about coming over to support image

  • If Chris is going to wear that mankini, he'll definitely need some extra support... image

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    be worth doing this just to see Chris in his mankiniimage

  • I hope it covers his cheeks at the back or is that not considered nudityimage

    Just had a slightly unhelpful reply about taking a plastic box with lid into transition from the organisers who say they will leave it up to me but to do as marshalls tell me.

    I'm not sure if I can do 56 miles in my tri shorts but am going to give it a go coz otherwise I need a big towel to change in and I'll probably fall over and break an arm or something. Will have a jacket though. I'm not that tough and I hate being coldimage

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    SS - looks like it will be fairly warm so you probably won't need the jacket. Although I am wondering whether pirate cycling top might be better than monaco. Could do the swim in shorts and bra and then put the top on - so top half relatively dry. I think I'll be fine in tri shorts as I have done most of my long bikes in running tights, so no padding at all there. 

    steady - what is your plan for clothing?

    was planning on a last OW swim today but the weather is awful and cold, not sure I want to risk getting a chill today so close to the big day, and the last ow swim I did, did leave me feeling confident in the water. 2 swim hats or 1 is another decision - I am presuming we can put another swim hat underneath the one we are given?

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    SS, you will be fine, I also have never cycled 56 miles in my tri shorts. Make sure the box is not too big. I now have a proper tranistion bag so I can carry everything in one, not 3 like you get in the full Outlaw race.

    MC my plan is now tri shorts and sports bra under wettie (both in matching black), pirate cycle top for bike, possibly take arm warmers as well. Will have my monaco for the run, but may stay in cycle top weather dependant.

    I skipped the last OW swim last night, as it took ages to get to the shop to buy the transition bag and the weather was not great. I am still feeling a little run down and peak flow meter for my asthma is a bit lower than normal at 375-380. It should be 400 or above, so I have upped my medication to ge things under control.

    I am going to wear my usual thicker silicone hat and put the race one given to us over the top to ensure the head is warm enough.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    thanks steady, hope your peak flow picks up. I haven't got arm warmers but apart from those I will go with the same plan as you. if the forecast looks cooler maybe I will put a base layer under my monaco and have that for the bike. 

    I use a back pack for transition, can't afford a posh transition bag and they are roughly the same. 

  • Sorry to disappoint, can't get a mankini in time image, but that will save all the spectators and competitors throwing up!

    I think I have a clothing plan worked out, either a big towel or change in the toilets. no nudity wil be upheld as I'm sure no one wants to see a large fat bloke struggling into a Mankiniimage

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