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  • I'm very tempted too, depends on exactly when it turns out to be.

  • mathschick wrote (see)

    oh, I want to do it, but am having doubts as to whether I am capableimage

    image Self defication? Chuck have you not been warned what might happen saying stuff like this on the threads? Believe in yourself do the training and you can do it! If you need anything or are unsure about any part of getting ready for this the rest of us can help you. If needed there are a few folks near you who will be training for the full next year so sure training buddies can be proveded. I'm only 40 miles away so for long rides I can pop down do a little dance and pop back up again. It's going to be fun! image

  • thanks cake

    actually, the subject came up at tri club last night - a couple of the others from the club are doing it, and the coach said to me that I had the stamina. So, I am definitely doing it.

    we have more people in the club now so hopefully there might be some club rides etc getting organised.

    cake - will definitely take you up on the biking thingimage. I think ST wanted to come over to practice the route as well for the full one

  • think I will put my self doubt down to the cold that I have now got and was starting to surface yesterday - don't feel like I could run to the bus stop at the moment.

    I do belive though, that if I want to do it I can, just need to put the training in, and train smart rather than just spending a lot of time 'doing stuff'

  • So, according to the One Step Beyond website, the date IS 2 June. So, that means my 16-week HIM plan starts on 10 February. Now, how to persuade OH that this will be a good event for me to do? Maybe if I sound enthusiastic about camping, which I usually don't like much? It will be a much more expensive trip than Vichy which is my other pick. Hmmmmm.......thinking.......

  • I think I want to do this image

  • I casually mentioned the date and said I had seen a race I wanted to do, reply was not a definite no, so I take it as I can do it if I want to.

  • think I need a training plan. Any advice as to where to look/which to choose?

    steady - sounds goodimage

  • scrapping the money together for it, tis an expensive month for this tri lark!

  • drums fingers impatiently waiting for it to open....

  • How much is it?

  • £122.50 I think...

  • Bala has just opened.£88 and you get £5 back when producing the BTF membership........on the 9th june.had some lovely towels form this event....


    2nd june enduroman half...£80 and last year recieved medal and finishers t-shirt plus a buff and a buff tshirt...not saying they will give the same again

    Outlaw half will have to come up with something special for it to push me away from the other two

  • for me it is the proximity of outlaw half - won't need to stay away for it and won't disrupt the rest of the family too much. year after, however...................

  • I will be racing elsewhere on the same weekend. So for that reason, I'm out.

  • thanks EP

  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    Bala. thats Bala not Baha. Bala as in Next to Snowdon ?

    Im mad, but not certifiable until 2014 when I'm thinking ironman 70.3, uk and wales as a quiet year....


  • Bala. It's a great event really well organised and an almost flat run course ( I said almost)
  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭

    you say everythings almost flat.  Ive been to north wales. only thing flat around there is the sea. image

  • The lake at Bala is very deffo not flat, it's a great bike course with a really big hill in the middle of it, and as you do an out and back you get the fun of it twice
  • SgtLardSgtLard ✭✭✭
    Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
    The lake at Bala is very deffo not flat, it's a great bike course with a really big hill in the middle of it, and as you do an out and back you get the fun of it twice

    Ah, the message hear is masochism is for triathlete like a duck is to water

  • Have a look at Wrexham Tri web site all the bike and run courses are on it, as well as some entertaining write ups from the organisers

    I remember offering to take Soup Dragon, Lee the Pea and various others out on the bike course cos it's close to home, it snowed and hailed in May !
  • I remember that bike ride.  I was a totally cr@p cyclist then so it took as age and it was freezing. Some of even camped.- never been so cold, but Bala is a lovely spot.

    I'm now tempted with Enduroman half to be honest rather than Outlaw. 

  • I was in a short sleeved bike top ! I thought I was going to have to ravish Lee so I could get warm
  • I am really keen on this one but I am wondering if it will be as great for me without alot of pirates being present! image

  • Saffer's If I don't do it it's so local it would be rude not to pop over and shout abuse at you on the course. plus is it's the same day as Buxton half so I can justifiably say can't do that 13 miles of mountains and mistery for once as buzy. image 

  • The half appears to be open? 

  • what? on the one step beyond website? I can't see it

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