half outlaw



  • If anyone is undecided, there are 200 places left apparently.

  • In as part of a relay. Will be trying not to get caught up on the bike when my team smashes the swim.image

  • I hear Golden Boots is coming back for it too, just so he can drink a few half pintsimage

  • Camping image sounds ace

  • camping sounds like a sore back right before 6hrs of torture.

    Ill need to get a tent now.

  • Sft there are some good pubs nearby and it's a lot better option than a hotel you have all your kit to hand and a 2 minute walk from the start line. Will cut out a lot of faffage. Only thing to mention is there isn't a cash machine on site so when you get your pints after make sure you took some money with you.

  • D0MD0M ✭✭✭

    I`ve just entered.  2nd June is my birthday as well image.  Does anybody know if you can  take caravans onto the camping area, or is it just tents?  


  • WW had a caravan last year, and I think Siggy had some kind of posh caravan. They have EHU if needed.

    I enjoyed the camping, and being 400m from the start/finish. But so much crap to take with me. I like the idea of the hotel, but then saw others having to think about what to put in transition bags. At least at the campsite I could run across the road to change things.


  • D0MD0M ✭✭✭

    Thanks IronCat.  With EHU, perfect.  I`ve emailed OSB just to make sure.  

  • The EHU might have cost a couple of pennies but was well worth itimage.especially as you had a big pitch away from the riff raff image

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    The EHU might have cost a couple of pennies but was well worth itimage.especially as you had a big pitch away from the riff raff image

    Aye, there was that. Especially the riff Raf!

  • Have to admit camping was tempting but we have to head back after the race anyway so I'll have everything in the car in the morning anyway if I need it.

    Come Outlaw we're staying in the hotel because my parents, sister, brother-in-law and the twins are coming down for the weekend. My parents are a bit too old for camping and I don't think anyone will get sleep with the twins around.

  • I have managed to corrupt another victim into tri, willing jumped(pushed ahem) into outlaw half!!
  • I've decided against it - was sorely tempted, but was unusually cautious, and thought that if the swim didn't go well then it would be hard for me to think about doubling the distance in the same swan poo'd lake in a few weeks time. Going to go for the DIY jobby instead, if I can make it work with family stuff -

    Might pop down for a butchers at everyone else, though!

  • Swan poo?

    Nothing about swan poo in the lake on the advert!

    Does that mean it is open air ?
  • brit - be great to see you there, and if you are doing the full outlaw it might be good for you to go there and see the layout - will hopefully calm any nerves you might have about organisation things and getting there/finding the camping/finding transition/toilets etc (or is it just me that gets anxious about those kind of things?)

  • nope. its not only you mathschick. im bricking it too.  Im trying to wangle a long diversion so I can take a butchers on my way home one night....

    not at all paranoid. but swan poo. errghh!

  • SL - I swam there in the club relays and didn't notice any swan poo. THere are swans, and ducks I think, but in the water I was certainly not aware of any poo, so that is the least of your worries. It is a good venue, easy parking, fairly easy to get to

    where do you work sgt lard? is it like a 200mile diversion on your way home?image

  • MC I'm with your on your post about getting to know the venue for the big one, that's why I decided to do the half as well. I'm not a confident person so the more I can find out before hand the better for me.

    The swam poo I believe is an issue on the long one and may well be on the half, if not many people have swum in the lake before you it's fine, but if you've had a few hundred triathletes whizzing through and churning it all up before you then it's not pleasant. Since the half is on a tri-festival weekend I suspect it will be equally churned up. Nice hey.

  • no, its fighting distance from the offfices I work at - just that ill need to take an afternoon off when I hit those offices so I can detour around the location.

    I want to see the 'hill' that doesnt exist on the bike circuit. familiarity and all that jazz.

    I anticipate a waitlist conversion to full so Ill be double heading both this year before switching to iron officialdom next and then who knows...


  • wait till the bike route is actually up then. I think the 'hill' you are talking about is Oxton - now, it isn't particularly bad. OK, I haven't cycled up it, but I have driven up it loads and it isn't bad or long. A little steep bit, but not enough to matter much

  • I've driven up loads of hills. None were any problem whatsoever! image

  • Oxten bank is a blip, I had to ask a supporter this year that was stood at the top, if that was it and I live in flat Lincolnshire! As for duck poo, I would be more worried about suddenly swimming in warmer water!
  • SgtLard wrote (see)
    Swan poo?

    Nothing about swan poo in the lake on the advert!

    Does that mean it is open air ?

    It's not a big issue think of it as extra protien if you come across any which you probably won't

  • what doesnt kill you ..... (probably wasnt hard enough)

  • I heard this is full already...the team is definitely doing something right with so many races our there
  • very well marketed. bit of TV coverage for a niche audience. bit of good press. a few technical issues to get the crowds circuling .open and publish the takeup rate. event full, job done!

    only thing they missed is emailing everyone whod ever entered before with a special early bird offer. ( might have closed before opening then ), everyone who'd ever done one of their other events ( might have closed before opening )

    still. cant wait to get wet in June and hoping for the waitlist ot move on the full event...

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