half outlaw



  • Outlaw have just tweeted that there's some more places now available


  • more places for what ? the full monty ?


  • no, darn it, it's for the half......image


  • I have entered this and just booked onto the Caravan park, £18 per night, very cheap which means the family can come and laugh at me plodding around

  • Ahhhh I wondered if there were a thread for the half. image. I have been ticking over with the cycling, just started getting a little running going again but haven't swam since September! I'm a little concerned but after doing the Outlaw and having to do so much swimming, I enjoyed not having to do it.......my allergy to water doesn't help. As from Monday though I am getting myself focused and need to get a plan going. The points thread will be added motivation for me and looking forward to getting stuck in. What plans are people using?
  • Aha thanksf or posting Chris I tried to book last year but they said the wouldn't take bookings until January, your post has just reminded me about it. Email sent.

  • I mailed them and got a reply today with this phone number 0115 9824721 and got booked in, no deposit just pay when I turn up



  • So do we have a list of those if us doing the half? Have I missed ?
  • There is always an opportunity for a list.


  • Lovely, I do like a nice list.

    I've been a little lapse with the pucker training but as from Monday, I shall be on it! How's everyone's training going? Are we on plans or just going with the flow? image
  • I havevn't reallly got a plan at the moment, trying to get myself back into running after a knee injury, but the running isn't going too well, so been doing quite a bit of turboing. I need to actually bike outside though

  • I shall be on a plan come Monday, one of the youngsters at the tri club is helping me out. I've not swum since September so that will be unpleasant, biking is going good but that's cos it's my favourite bit and the running is plodding along. Not had any Achilles trouble since doing Outlaw last year on no run training so I am taking it careful.
  • I am starting my plan on 14 Jan, but doing a week of a little bit of everything to get in the habit. My running is limited at the moment, under physio orders but can swim and cycle OK. Only been turboing for a short while, so I do 30 - 40 mins at a time. I donot plan on cycling outside anytime soon. Maybe in Feb depending on the weather. Consistency needs to be my mantra to get me to June injury free and fit.
    I have cobbled together a plan using a 20 week plan off the web and bits of Fink, which I used for relay Outlaw last year.

  • Morning All

    Im getting back onto my plan, starting with a 45 min spin tonight to freshen up the legs.  Cant swim at the moment, ( ear infection just wont die ). so bike & run awaits

    accidentlally left the information pack lying around at the weekend, so the family now know 'vaguely' that I have a race in June.  Just as well, as the pirate costume is now in the post - and its arrival might have triggered delicate negotiations image.

    Shan't mention the full until ive secured entry via the waitlist process...no point pissing on the fire before ive secured the weekend pass.

    Does anyone know how the charity entry works ( Plan B ) - I gather its £500 but doesnt carry a donation target like Ironman ?

  • Lardy this is from membery so might be b*llocks but I believe they get you a little by there being a higher price than the normal entries.

  • Training plan starts on Monday Woohoo! I've done three weeks of marathon training already (doing Brighton marathon too) so feeling good and ready for a bit of variety. I've cobbled together a plan from begginerstriathlete.com with a runners world marathon plan.

    Think I'm a bit over excited by the whole business.  

  • bike course is on the website nowimageimage arghhhhh, it is real, I am going to do this! I have no excuse not to practice the bike route - one of loops goes very close to my houseimage

  • Is it right there's chunks of dual carriageway? That's what the map looked like.
  • yes, part of it is dual carriageway. To be honest, I don't often go down that road so not sure how busy it gets, but it is not a massively busy road. I have no idea why that stretch of road is dual carriageway as it isn't necessary for the volume of traffic. So I wouldn't worry about it being particularly busy on a Sunday morning, although it does mean there are a couple of roundabouts to navigate

  • although having said that, the first part of the bike is a fairly busy dual carriageway, when we come out of the watersports centre, bit of course, it will be around 8 on a Sunday morning, so I wouldn't expect that much traffic there either

  • So how are all the half-ers doing? Only 6 weeks  on Sunday till the big day.  Apart from no open water swimming I feel reasonably on track for this one. Famous last words and all that.

  • Shhhh, I'm pretending this isn't for another few months.

    I've just run a marathon, but to the detriment of cycle training.. erm.. panic?  

  • AliBear - I'm also feeling on track for this one as I'm doing the full but have also done no open water so I'm beginning to get a bit nervous over it

  • I'm quite looking forward to this, also no open water swims yet, too cold!
  • D0MD0M ✭✭✭

    Having run Brighton Marathon on Sunday and then coming down with Gastroenteritis 6 hours later, I have been in pieces ever since. Only just feeling human again. In need of a couple of easy weeks and with only 6 weeks to go, I have today withdrawn. I could not see how I would be in any way ready. image 

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Dreaming of Magic, what bad luck, hope you had a good run at Brighton though.

    I agree with all you others the lack of open water swimming is making me nervous and not sure the cycling has been enough, but will do my best on the day.

    Are any of you camping? I need to buy a new tent for this year and get round to booking a pitch.

    Another question, is anyone staying over on the Sunday night? I may be travelling on my own and not going to drive home after  finishing, I will be far too tired.

  • Steady I'm camping and have booked from Friday to Monday. If the family want to go earlier I will but no way am I up to driving on the Sunday.

  • DoM - that is a shame

    steady - I am not camping, but I live fairly close. Hopefully I will be capable of driving afterwardsimage I'll be at work on the Monday

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    I am not certain of my plans yet, if I can get someone to drive me home, I will go back on Sunday but given that I maybe nearer 9 hours to finish I will not be in a fit state to drive back. Work knows that I may be taking that Monday off.

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