Sore Leg at the Top

 I have recently started running but played football for a number of years with noo problems with my at legs, ever, I started running  2 4 mile runs then 10k and a big run of 9 miles on a once a week.  Only recently whilst running a 9 miler I felt a wobble in my leg and since this I have got a sore right leg, right at the top of my right leg on the bone (on outside of leg) at the top.  I dont really feel it until about 6-7 miles during the run and after it, it is not sore when I sit down or walk up or down stairs only when I walk but will completely fade after about 3 days but will resume only running a 9 miler.  It is not swelled and seems more of a constant niggle.  Can someone be able to point me in the right direction, please?


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