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As many people know the book "The Triathlete's Training Bible" by Joel Friel is the must have book in any Triathletes library ....

.... But he's done it again with "Going Long" by Joel Friel and Gordon Byran

This book is aimed at those training for Ironman distance races - so i just thought id recomend it for all those look at going the ditance next year



  • Glad you posted that Will - I just ordered the first one from Amazon :)

    I did think about the other one too, but I'll save the IM for 2005!
  • is there much in the new book that isn't in the old one? (given that the old one is pretty ironman focussed anyway... the sprint/oly stuff seems to have been thrown in to widen its appeal)
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    thanks, might take a look myself sometime.

    i have the training bible at home but got bored after a few chapters. they were a little too in depth for me. the thing is you get so many opinions on various topics re: training (building, periodisation, etc) and racing from different sources that contradictions start taking place. Prefer to skate thorugh these books and just take out new ideas/tips, rather than follow their specific training guidelines.

    gives you brain-ache......same as the running mags. i swear they just regurgitate the same training info from previous editions or other sources with a few minor adaptations to make it look original.

    jes im very sceptical today
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  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    yes we'll be old and decrepid by then.

    btw chris your pic is a little disturbing. like something from edgar allen poe or hp lovecraft!
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    Actually if you need a good book for inspiration and good training tips I recommend Mr Bump from the Mr Men series.

    Used to love that as a kid.
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  • Just finished Lance Armstrongs "It's not about the bike". Fantastic inspirational read and couldn't put it down. It's a good autobiographical mix of the cycling stuff and his fight against cancer. It's the sort of book that would interest non cyclists and even non sports fans - my wife has just read it too and loved it and she's not a cyclist.

    I also got Joe Friels Triathletes training bible and found it quite hard work. There is some good stuff in there but like crab claws - you've got to work hard to get it. I found having read it I've probably now got more questions than answers.
  • Have you come across "Swimming Fastest" ?

    I had a browse through it in Waterstones the other day. Weighs a ton with 800 pages or so, but looks the absolute dogs b****cks for swimming technique (not that I know anything about swimming).

    Did you know that Lance Armstrongs latest book has just been published?Titled 'EVERY SECOND COUNTS" and just released.Was featured in todays edition of "THE HERALD" and is available at £14 inc p+p from01206 255800 quoting Referance "The Herald".Usual price £16.99
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    Slowpoke, know what you mean. I loved that book too, amazing what he went through and how he came out of it. If you ever get a chance, read 'transitions' based on spencer smith. not of same calibre as the lance book but still very good.
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  • Has anyone read Steve Trew's 'A long Day's Dying' and 'A Moment of Suffering'? There's not that many triathlon novels around and those 2 are decent (well, at least a hell of a lot better informed and less far-fetched than Sports Armageddon)
  • I read "A Long Days Dying" which I thought was great .Not too heavy reading but thats what you need after A Long Days training or racing!
  • I didn't know Lance had done a new book. That's something else to put on my xmas list then (along with the really fancy Deda Clip Carbon Tri bars).
  • Oh yeah and a Lance replica Giro Pneumo helmet.
  • Chaos - I have the previous edition of that Swimming book - very good reference.
  • I may have to get it (swimming book that is)
  • The new lance book basically the last 3 TDFs, from 2001 onwards as I understand
  • Pleased others find Joel's book a bit heavy going -didn't want to upset WW, thought it must have been my brain!! I do get it out -infact as we speak it's on my lounge floor looking for winter inspiration for training, but i gat confused at teh amount -strength, speed, endurance, etc etc. Must prefer someone saying do x,y,z and a,b,c, can cope with that much better!! I've asked for some of the other books eg Lance Armstrongs, for birthday, christmas, etc--along with "the rest"!!!
  • 'Rough Ride' by Paul Kimmage also makes excellent reading
  • MF - it aims to give you the ingreedients not the meal
  • What a quote, WW!!
  • But WW, you have never seen what my "ingrediants" turn into --"meal" isn't the word!!!!! But I will keep trying, thnks.
  • Just got my parcel of books :o)

    I hope the Joel thingy book does give some clue of how to put it all together and doesn't just leave me with a lot of bits I don't know what to do with!
  • Pantie - I'm making a mental collection of Will's quotes. Most of his analogies are food-related.

    Which is nice.

  • Not read much yet other than "Looniness" but I did have a flick through and there are graphs and stuff :o)

    I'm in science nerd heaven...

    Not that I am a science nerd, no specs or anything, but I do like to understand stuff properly and not just the cut down version you often get in magazines and things.
  • go on admit it FR, you love the "and now for the science" geeky bits. can't deny it myself even if I do get all confused and consequently have to drop out of Base Training conversations while my head is spinning.
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