I am thinking about investing in a pair of Addidas Supernova's.My two previous pairs have been Mizuno Wave Mavericks and Nike Structure Triax, can i expect the same or more from the Supernova's. ANY advice would be most appreciated.

the Supernova's


  • My experience of adidas is that they are an acquired taste. They tend to come up narrower and 1/2 to a whole size smaller for the equivalent UK size than the shoes you have tried before ( e.g if you take a UK 9 in mizuno you'll probably need a UK 9.5/10 in an adidas). Stability wise the supernova controls in theory fall somewhere between the mizunos and the nikes. As ever, best to try on before purchasing - and also question yourself why you are changing brands. Why change if no previous problems ?

  • I have really liked the feel of the supernovas, but as Whistle says they are narrow in the forefoot, which is why I chnaged. I used the cushion, but a friend of mine wears the controls. These are meant to be wider in the forefoot. He says they run like a cushion shoe, but with control. They seem to be lighter than other control shoes for some excellent cushioning. However, they only seem to last about 400-500 miles, rather than the higher amounts you get with, say, ASICS.

    If the cusion were slightly wider in the forefoot I would change back like a shot, they are a really great shoe for long winter training runs and are light enough for longer races too. (340g for size 8.5 UK)

  • Thanks for your opinions fellas, the reason i was thinking about changing was because the shoe has had such rave reviews.I think i will sick to the Mizuno Wave Mavericks, as my feet are quite wide and therefore think i would have problems with the narrow forefoot.
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