Great Langdale Christmas Pudding 10K


I'm a keen but slow 10k there a varied field with this one?


  • Probably going to do this too. I don't know the answer to your question but I can't find any evidence as to whether its actually been run before. Even the team in the local running shop (Kendal) didn't know anything about the course.

    Past experience of Langdale, usually well fuelled by drink, has been of a valley where everybody will be welcomed and well supported. I doubt that you'll need to have any concerns about being slow.
  • I fancy doing this one. I have done much running and walking and drinking in Great Langdale and it will be a nice hilly race I suspect...just up my street! HappyKat where will you be coming from are you local to the lakes? I'm assuming Andy is!
  • hi Wolfy

    I will be coming from Edinburgh (having moved from cunbria a few years back)

    looking forward to it though (already been last at a 10k with 69 minutes....I could well make a habit of it!)
  • oooh edinburgh, nice, did the 1999 marathon up there really enjoyed it!

    I'm coming from Cheshire, think I'll do this one!!!
  • Wolfy - had to find the flyer to confirm this but, believe it or not, the race is being promoted as a "Fast, slightly undulating course along the most beautiful valley in England".

    If you can imagine anywhere in the valley where they could put a course fitting this description without having to do dozens of laps of the campsite then you will be doing better than either me or the staff in Pete Bland Sports.
  • bloody hell CA I am very, very suprised!!!!

    Fast flat course....erm don't believe it!

    Hey is the finishing gift a pint in the old dungeon ghyll (spelling?)? That would be enough motivation for anyone to do this race!
  • 'fraid not - its a Christmas Pudding plus hot mulled wine and a mince pie in Chapel Stile Village Hall.

    Thinking about possibilities for the route I suspect the hardest part may well be having to run past the ODG without stopping for a pint!
  • LOL CA I'm with you on that!!!! is a defo hot mulled wine then a mad dash to ODG to try to get a seat!
  • count me in for the seat!........I'll be expecting you serious runners to get them in
  • tee hee happykat we'll get the seat if you get the beer in!
  • Sounds a good one to me. How do you enter. Did the 1/2 at Carlisle and found it very flat and boring.
  • Contact details on the event flyer are:

    Rod Berry, Far End, Endmoor, Kendal Cumbria, LA8 0EW. Tel: 015395 61798

    Kat - I hope that 'serious runner' tag wasn't intended to apply to me - I'm still a novice too. That said, Wolfy's idea of cheering you home, stealing your money then going and buying you a pint with it all sounds like a plan to me.
  • 'seriour runner' applied to me a few years ago but work, domesticity and injury earlier in the year have taken their toll on my training!

    Done quite a few of the halfs up in the Lakes and wanted to do the Great Langdale half (can't remember when it is) but this will be nice!

    Yep as a manc I'm considered to be good at stealing stuff so a tenner cleverly pinched off happykat whilst running round the course for a beer for me and CA and Slyboy now shouldn't be touch much of a challenge!
  • Hey this sounds like a nice one, I was looking for a race with a tempting seasonal goody bag! I might enter too.
  • Thanks CA for the info.Hopefully I will get the form sent back.He said only one hill, seems hard to belive but good pubs!
  • Hiya

    well...having staggered around the Jedburgh half marathon in 2 hours 30 mins you should have no trouble wrestling my money off me on the promise of a seat! (ooooh, it was hilly, and tarmaccy, and I have only been running since May, and I'm nearly 42, and and, and!!!)
  • And, and....... what??

    Two and a half hours for a hard half marathon less than six months after taking up the sport sounds like a bloody good effort to me! Be proud of yourself. Well done - keep the legs working and see you in December.
  • entry form on my site, if you're interested (save the stamp getting an entry form!)
  • Thought the non-'locals' among you may be amused by an article that appeared in today's Westmorland Gazette-the local paper.

    Apparently the organiser for this, Rod Berry, has been searching for a supplier of Christmas puddings to give us after the event. On finding just what he wanted in a local supermarket he enquired whether he could have a bulk purchase discount. He was told:

    a) No discount
    b) That they wouldn't sell him 300 puddings.

    Undeterred, he spent a significant amount of effort finding the manufacturer who have told him that an order of 300 is far too small to bother with but suggested an alternative supplier. 300 is too small an order for them too.

    The plan now appears to be to go into the supermarket and simply buy them by the trolley full untill he has enough.

    The things event organisers go through on our behalf, eh? I suggest we all be grateful in December.
  • I think 'flat' must be a comparative term.
    I did a 'flat' Lake District road 10k (not this one) once before - and it seemed hilly to me - but then I live in London. But a pudding to recover over sounds nice.
  • E.C.N.E.C.N. ✭✭✭
    from another ex-pat this time in the midlands, i have run what i concider to be the route, from chapple stile + 5k and 5k back. sound good to me.

    a very nice area to run, no im not meaning the scenery but the actual quality of the roads.

    see you there for a +50 mins run :-)
  • E.C.N.E.C.N. ✭✭✭
    from another ex-pat this time in the midlands, i have run what i concider to be the route, from chappel stile + 5k and 5k back. sound good to me.

    a very nice area to run, no im not meaning the scenery but the actual quality of the roads.

    see you there for a +50 mins run :-)
  • I have been thinking about doing this one and am a complete novice. Is anyone nice and slow so I can run with them? :-)
  • Fido

    Go for it. As I said to happykat up front, I cannot see any reason not to feel welcome in Langdale. I do have a couple of colleagues running also and at least one of those will claim to be slow.

    If anybody's interested, I was in Langdale over the weekend and drove the course on my way to and from the pub. There are any number of inclines but only one hill worthy of the title - that is about a mile from the start.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Andy, I always find that what seems like a wee incline in a car turns into a mountain when I am running!!
    Fido, I am nearly a complete beginner - did one 10 km in Edinburgh in September and have not run for nearly three weeks due to illness. I'm sure both Happykat and I will be able to keep you company.
  • Deb

    Thanks for the offer of company. Like you, getting over a molehill is a major triumph for me!! See you all then.
  • Hiya Fido

    Deb is spot on (and I am hiding behind a cold as well!)

    However....those nice fast chaps earlier in the thread have already promised us seats and beers in the pub we will be well nurtured!

  • happykat - thought you were buying :)

    It is looking like a big round though, maybe I'd best bring some cash along too - being local(ish) and all that.

    Given that we're now only 3 weeks away, it's maybe time to start owning up to how others may recognise us. I'm tall, red/grey haired and will be wearing number 113.

    Looking forward to meeting people.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Andy, I'll buy you a drink if I can have a seat. Although by the time us slow ones get there you will probably all have gone home. I'll post our numbers when they arrive.
  • sent my form away last week and will let you know when i get my number - and i will let you know now, mine is a pint of stella -as for seats? once I have my stella and xmas puddy I won't care.... xx
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