Great North Run: Parking

What's people's opinion about parking for the Great North Run? Is it better to park near the start and use the bus/metro to get back there, or park at a metro station (e.g. Heworth?). (There are four of us coming up from North Yorkshire, I'm assuming that we'll have to get to the start from the north or east if that's what we decide to do).



  • last year we parked about 1/2 mile from the start,then after race got special bus back to city centre,then taxi back to start top pick up car.
    it seemed to work out quite well for us.
  • We've usually parked at the finish and caught the metro to the start, although obviously it's very busy it works pretty well. It has always seemed pretty organised, but be prepared to be stuck in jams coming out.

  • Better to park near the start for that reason, since the entire population of the North east will be trying to leave South Shields at the end. Don't forget to stuff a few pound coins for the metro in your running shorts before leaving your car though.

    We're thinking about Haworth as well, or even getting the train in from somewhere like Durham and leaving the car there (staying south of Durham).
  • We've parked at the finish the last twice and bus/metro-ed back to start. That's great but.....
    last year queued for over an hour to get out of the car-park!!
    Live in Northants and it took us 8 hours to get home...arghhhhh!!!!
    This year I'm going on an organised coach/hotel package (picks me up in Northants, up there, hotel/meal/early breakfast, taken to the start, waited for at the finish, brought back to Northants) - hopefully this will sort out any technical problems on the day :o)
    Good Luck whatever you decide to do....and enjoy it :o)
  • Btw the cost of the package (for a single room) was £129.00
    Seemed worth the money....hope it is!!
  • My parents wait for us at the end - with lots of food! - and we just have a short walk and collapse in the car, even if it takes over an hour to get out of South Shields, I'd rather be collapsed in the back of the car than have to worry about getting back up to Newcastle, but everyone has their own preferences. We then have a long journey down to Kent (via Oxford to drop off my parents and pick up our children), but at least we can rest in the back. It's probably a hassle whatever you do but it's all worth it!
  • Being lazy, and therefore not wanting to get up earlier than I have to, and being intollerent of queues, especially when driving, means I'll go for the start. It's good to hear you can park only 1/2 mile away.

    Thanks all.

  • If I need to drive in where is the parking available near the start and how early do you need to arrive to get parked? May have a 4 hour drive if I can'f find accommodation. Won't need to put any baggage on bus so won't need to be at start until just before race starts. Any suggestions most helpful.
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