Bone bruising

Well I have been out of action for 5 months after doing a half marathon with a painful knee. The specialist has diagnosed bone bruising to the bottom of my femur, which is appartley where I have had some bleeding inside my bone.

The last time I saw him was 9 weeks ago and he told me it was recovering and I could start running after 4 to 6 weeks. The problem is that it still hurts while cycling or even just standing for a while so there seems little point to try running again.

So the question is how long will it take to recover? I hate not running, but I don't want to run on it and put me back to the start. 

Thanks for any advice or anyone who has had a similar problem.




  • From my own personal experience it takes the same time to recover as if you'd broken the bone.

    The fact that you are cycling may be delaying the recovery as you say it hurts.

    A femur can take 9 months to recover, I think that a little pain is ok, I have been told that a bit of movement helps the healing process. A lot of pain, or if it is sharp is not good.

    I think you just need to be patient. Take it easy. I know injury is frustrating.

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