Has anyone had NHS physio or will have soon?

Hi all,

I'm a third year journalism student at the University of Kent and for my dissertation I want to make a documentary on NHS vs private physiotherapy, and the future of NHS physio under the reforms. 

I'm looking for people who have had/are having/are about to have physiotherapy for an injury/ailment on the NHS. Even if you don't want to appear in my documentary, it would still be great to talk to people for research. 

Also, if there are any NHS physios/private physios or experts on here that I could speak to, I would greatly appreciate the help.

Email me on taniasteere@live.co.uk 



  • I've had private and I've had NHS.

    Very different beasts.

    I've had NHS for different ailments. The first time was rubbish - pushed out the door without really knowing what to do and being told I was lazy - not nice. The second time I had a physio who was really interested in what was going on, how I was doing etc.

    Still - go private it's much better.

  • My thoughts, for what they're worth ... you're talking about physio for injuries caused by running or other sports, yes?

    I've always gone private. I'm fortunate in that I can afford to, but it has never occurred to me to go to the NHS with a running injury (even though my GP is a runner and at my very rare appointments we spend more time talking about local half marathons than whatever is ailing me).

    I've always assumed that NHS physios are for much more serious matters than eg a dicky hamstring - regaining mobility after a car smash, cancer operation etc. I've also always assumed there is a long waiting list.

    The local sports clinic, just down the road from me, can usually do an appointment the same evening.

    In an ideal world the NHS would have resources to cater to the active and fit as well as treating the lardy burger-munching chain-smoking couch potatoes for the consequences of their own poor lifestyle decisions (I generalize, but you get the drift). But it doesn't.

    So I suspect you might have difficulty comparing the two but I wish you luck with your project.

  • i've just finished a run of NHS physio, will email you image

  • Depends what the injury is. If it's just an acute one off appointment where I need a fast diagnosis and a small amount of treatment and advice I'll always go private. However, I think if I needed a longer course or needed MRIs etc... I would probably try and get an NHS GP referral... but get the private physio to write a letter to the effect of what and why it was required!

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