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Guys, please help me with this. I've never understood how to set my Garmin so I can run a repetitive circuit with a jog recovery afterwards

Do I press Start and the Lap at the start of the circuit and then at the end? Or do I not press start at all and just press lap at the start of the circuit, the end of the circut and then the beginning of the next circuit?

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  • Set up a workout in Garming Training Center or Garmin Connect - that's the easiest way to do it, and all you'll need to do is press "Start" to start, and "Stop" to stop.

  • Quest -  Which Garmin have you got?


  • Thanks itermanaut.  I'll check that out.  BB, I've a 205 forerunner

  • You can do it directly on the watch as well...

    training ,workouts, interval, time/rest/time

    Set the time for your effort, then the recovery, then the number of reps and you're away.
  • Quest -   If it's the same as my 405 what Mr Puffy said, but to start the session select "do workout", then press the start button and if you have selected Warm Up in the settings press the lap button after your warm up  to start the reps, the garmin will beep when you are coming to the start/end of a rep.

  • Thanks Mr Puffy and Barry B!  Will try this...




  • Might as well jump on the back of this one rather that starting a new one...  Is there any way to configure it to alarm at set intervals?  So if you wanted it to alarm after 15 minutes, then 5 minutes, then 15 minutes, then 5, then repeat.  I'd heard that you could only set it to go off at a single time so every 15 minutes meaning you'd have to do a wee bit of mental arithmetic as time went on, but being lazy I wondered if you could set it up to do all the work?

  • @mike_a - RTFM for Garmin Connect or Garming Training Center.

  • Well, on my ancient 101, you can set interval session for any combination of beeping at either distance or time, so just set it for an interval of 15 minutes and a recovery of 5.

  • Brilliant, thanks very much, will try it tonight.

  • Thanks all, guys, v helpful. image

  • Thanks guys.  Have keyed in a great session - 10 x mile repeats with 400 metre jog recoveries!

  • Wow - that sounds tough!

  • Exiled, doing it tomorrow.  Will let you know how I get on!

  • My new shiny garmin arrived yesterday. Might need your help setting it up over the weekend. So excited! It's a bit big for my wrist though, so going to hunt for a sweatband when I get home and see if that helps!

  • Dancing, have fun with your new Garmin!  Even the basic functions are brilliant and I'm just getting used to the fancier ones now. Sure lots of people will be happy to help you out if you need it and I'd love to hear how you get on with your first experience of it!

  • 10 x mile repeats! image

  • The sweatband worked a treat. The internet people did good on that one. Not downloaded the software yet, but did a run. Took first mile split fine, the second one got a 'lap error' which is I think because I paused it at around the time it was trying to take the split because a dog pounced on me from behind. Going to test the GPS bit on some unfamiliar routes whilst away with work this week.

  • Dancing, the bit about the dog sounds hilarious, so long as it wasn't scary for you!

    Have fun with your further testing this week!

  • What's the programme which allows you to edit the workouts once you have downloaded? Pressed the wrong button a few times so have random extra laps at the end of sessions which I want to remove so can get correct overall averages. "Smart" something?

  • Dancing in spikes - Don't know of software but sounds an ideal solution.

    One way to get rid of the unwanted laps is to go to your forerunner and go to 'history' , 'activities' and select the activity you want to edit. You can then scroll through all the laps and when you get to the ones you want to get rid of press 'clear' (bottom button) it will then ask you to confirm you want to delete this lap.

    You can then go to garmin connect and delete the workout you want to change and then upload the corrected version. I had to do a force send from the forerunner (settings - ANT+ and turn on force send).

    Hope that helps.

  • Too late I think.... not sure if watch cleared or not. There is def. a free downloadable tool though, I will have to search.

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