Stroud Half Marathon

I've just entered. Who else is in?

I'd call it fast enough to provide PB potential. The website calls it undulating. It's flatter than that.


  • If I'm still in one piece on Friday I will enter. It's a pretty flat course, well away from the steep hills that Stroud is well-known for.

  • This will be my first half marathon so bound to be a PB!


  • I'm in. I'll post my race number on here when I get it. Aiming to beat my PB, in my second half. PB is 3.42, so aiming for three hours
  • Number 876 arrived in post today. Game on.

  • Still waiting for my number. I'll look out for you Paul.
  • My number's just turned up. I'm number 1144 if anyone spots me.
  • 285!! Did this as my first half last year was ridiculously ridiculously nervous again! Good Luck all!!

  • Likewise Carley on the nerves bit. May not spot you on Sunday, but I'll look out for you. I'm tall, grey hair, not much, and glasses. Not sure on attire yet, as I hear the forecast isn't great, but I'll be somewhere near the slow person pen...
  • And good luck all
  • I will be part of the ladies running group 'Abbey Stars' we will be the noisy lot clad in black and pink...names on the back in flouro pink...please give us a cheer if you spot us as for most of our ladies this is their first half so lots of nervous energy from us on Sunday! If it's anything like last year Steve, we line up according to finish time along the road..times were marked on the fence so you knew where you were...I'm not very fast myself but hoping to do better than last year as I got knocked down by a passing runner at mile 8 and had to run the last 5 with a bruised hip...fingers crossed that will not happen this year! To be honest given shocking traning/injury issues over last 6 weeks I'll just be happy to get round and get that medal!

  • 24 hours to start time. Six thirty start for us tomorrow from North Devon. Bring it on....
  • Ran 2.30.41, so a big PB for me. Happy man, I am. Good race. May do next years too
  • Good race, well organised, good priced food, great route though unfortunately you get a piece of reclaimed wood tied to a ribbon in recognition of your victory...unless you did the 1k junior race in which case you got something more subtantial! It wasn't quite what I expected after busting a gut to get a new pb, was kind of hoping for something I might able to look back on and remember my achievement as it is I just see a wooden offcut!

  • Agree on the medal Shaun. I got a nice chunky metal one for finishing my first HM at the Bacchus Half in Sept but this one-stop a bit of an anticlimax. Suppose each one's an original at least
  • PB 1:44:55. A momento of any 'permanent' nature welcome, even wood, although we have been 'conditioned to expect metal. Well organised and yes the kids and the unofficial water stop near the finish was both welcome  and 'cute' Thanks kids for jelly bean too!

  • Well done on that PB Paul. Where next for you?
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