The Great Cumbrian Run



  • Thanks Haven - I thought it had - surprised only one year - obviously didn't work!


  • Post-race greetings to you all - sounds like GCR 2012 was a good 'un!! image

    Hearty congratulations to Seamus and Skinny for both posting sub 1:30 times and both beating your target times by some distance! Knowing that the course can prove to be challenging in parts, those are some impressive achievements!

    And to Millster - running for 7 miles with pain from achilles tendonitis is no joke - what a great effort mate! I know that you will be disappointed with a time of 1:54 -but given that you ran for more than half the race in pain you certainly shouldn't beat yourself up over it! Or to put it another way - you ran 13.1 miles at an average pace of approx 8.75 min miles whilst carrying a significant injury for the majority of the course - and yet your time was still only 2 mins more than my lifetime best!! Puts a slightly different slant on it, don't you think? OK, so the halcyon days of you pegging round in 1:35 may not be so easily regained but it's still a good showing in my book mate!!

    For my part, I've learned that a large glass of red is not the cure all panacea that I was hoping for and despite my best efforts, I've felt progressively worse over the past 3 days - not to the extent of staying off work poorly - but feeling tired, feverish & shivery and generally a bit crap! Probably a good job in the end that my circumstances did not permit me to make the journey north.

    So this makes my tally 4 consecutive GCR's followed by 4 fallow years. Think it's about time I re-started the cycle, especially as 2013 sees me celebrate a "significant" birthday, it would be a nice way to mark a landmark year by coming back to the GCR!

    On the plus side, at least I'm running again now for the first time in a few years and I've notched up my first HM in 4 years, so I'm in a much better place than I have been for some time. My goal should now be to maintain my momentum, to keep on running and to lose a bit more weight, and to ensure that my "significant milestone" year will see me able to pass many more milestones!

    Happy running everyone - looking forward to next year!!

  • Nice one skinnyimage yeh i don't run with a watch so it's always a surprise of some description when i get to the finish!
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