Monday 24th September 2012


Lyrics - You broke his heart and made him cry, and he's been blue since then.

Well, I had the most awful night and really thought that my Abingdon campaign was over - not to mention my new temporary job. Woke in the night with incredible pain in my ankle, virtually unable to weight bear, couldn't pull my toes up towards my ankle or rotate it and the whole foot was swollen (though not huge). I couldn't understand it - I'd ridden ten miles aftre falling off and walked around without any pain in the ankle in the afternoon/evening. No idea what was going on. Eventually took some ibuprofen in the small hours which took the edge off the pain enough for me to cat nap and this morning it's miles better - I'm limping and it's a little sore but nothing like it was thankfully.

Blisters - your ice cream sounds divine. Maybe you could make it with decaff or would that be sacrilige? No white lines involved.

What:          nothing
Why:           I'm stupid
Last hard:    hitting the ground yesterday
Last rest:     21/9

If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.


  • morning all,
    LmH - ouch, but hopefully nothing more than a bump..
    Postie, Chicka - solid long runs, likewise another decent excursion Tom!
    Oh (& OH) - well done on your respective times

    As RFJ says SEAA relays yesterday in the foulest weather I've known and a complete contrast to saturday when the girls ran. Given the first leg (again) so after a brief warm up where I managed to find the first deep puddle, set off for the race proper.
    Leg 1 is like an all out race , whereas the others its more measured trying to pick people off as the field spreads out. As usual was perhaps a little carried away on lap 1 (12.30), and slightly faded lap 2, but picked up when you can see the changeover zone (and supporters). 25:15 my overall time (6k) , and a whopping 4 seconds quicker than last year . Reasonably happy given the foul conditions - although would have preferred to be mid 24s. Got back to the tent and changed into warm clothes before 2nd runner was finished, now content to have gone off first!!
    Was going to do an easy 5-6 miler later to wind down, but the temptation of hot bath, roast dinner, and footy on the telly persuaded me otherwise.
    RFJ - great effort yesterday, saw you go thru both laps, dunno if you heard me shouting...I think I used your real name! Did look out for you afterwards but wasnt sure where your club were pitched up??! Appreciated your support on my leg too, thanks.

    Today - 5 miles recovery

    have a great day

  • Morning! And the weather sounds just like it was for Dustin/RFJ's relays. Actually it was quite nice here...if you like grey, that is.

    Oh dear LMH: I would guess its just very short term though and by the end of the week hopefully you will have forgotten about it.

    Had a decent night's sleep and Achilles and calf seemed fine first I am sitting with pain in the Achilles and tenderness in the calf. Consultant can't come soon enough.

    No to the lyrics.

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • Thanks Dustin. Sounds hard going yesterday

    ((LMH)) hope you bounce back

    What: just work

    Why: end of holiday

    Last hard: Saturday

    Next hard: Nessie

    Last rest: Friday (keswick to kirkwall doesn't count as rest!)

    Lyrics: no (surprise)
  • Morning

    On the run in to race day for me now so shall be taking it fairly easy this week. Can anyone recommend a good taper plan? Half mara is on Sunday.

    Just the one run for me over the weekend. 6 mile tempo run which came in at 6.57 a mile average. Felt really really good. The weather was perfect too! Especially when as i've seen some of you mention yesterday's was so cruel.

    Unfortunately living in the south west it appears we may bear the brunt of today's rain!

    What: Rest/Taper
    Why: Bristol half on Sunday
    Last hard: 16/09
    Last rest: today

    Lyrics: No

  • OPR:  taper advice...keep dry and don't catch a cold! Whatever you do now won't have a training effect with regard to next Sunday. It could have a negative effect though! So I would run fairly gently and perhaps a few strides later in the week to get the legs turning over a bit quicker.

    Birks: where are you? And Pammie!
    Some fun graphics in this comparison of the last 100 years or so of the 100 metres.

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • Afternoon


    Alehouse - I'm here hope consultanting the consultant goes well sorry been awol been a frantic since i last posted when was it???? Working sleeping Been getting store ready for a little known seasonal event coming up so not been posting much Still ran everyday although short runs - some very short runs

    Maybe birks is having Broadband probs i know he mentioned tem when i was last here i get them too sadlyimage

    lmh - ooh a fall hope you'll be ok i've done that know it hurts

    A run later had a good sleep least i didn't have to get up for anything

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    LMH - hope the ankle is loosening up now.

    Dustin/RFJ - I love racing road relays, it's my favourite form of the sport. It's one of the few times when your contribution can of the same value as the top club runners, Shame about the weather but.

    Alehouse - hope you'll be posting soon with some progressive news.

    Pammie - your job always seems incredibly demanding to me.

    OPR - sounds like you are well up for Bristol. Do you have a target pace in mind?

    Me - ran a wet and breezy 7.7M this morning at 7:43 pace which spot on current expectations.

    London 2012...where are you now?
  • Afternoon!

    Yesterday's lyrics: Hurt - Christina Aguilera. Don't much like her but that song shows off her incredible voice.

    LMH: Ouch.Ouch.Ouch! Dreadful. Glad to hear the foot is feeling better this morning. Maybe you lay on in an awkward position whilst you were sleeping?

    Tom. wrote (see)
    Chick: 17 miles run at 8:35 is a worthwhile session by any measure. I think it's actually a good sign when you can anticipate how a session will turn out. Two reasons are firstly it shows you are in tune with your body and secondly it enables you to adapt the session in line with your expectations. I think this is the reason that my running has taken a turn for the better. Previous to this month I was commenting on DTT of how often I was setting out on a run with no real idea of how far or how fast it was going to come out.

    It doesn't always work though ... some days I feel fine and still have a stinker for no apparent reason. On others I feel rubbish but once I'm out there it turns into a decent workout. Funny old business this running malarkey ... but you are right, generally the "listen to your body" approach is worthwhile. 


    postie postie wrote (see)

    Chick I think Gobi would prefer that I run at 8:35!


    Ha, damn right he would image. And I would have received a sound bollocking coz my run should have been @ 10 mm image

    Some tough relay running by Dustin and RFJ. The shite weather has reached us too. What a difference a day makes! Torrential rain and gale force winds. Just as well it's a rest day image

    alehouse: it does sound like progress!

    yes, where is birks? Very untypical for him not posting at all. Has anybody heard from stickless lately? She seems MIA too ...

  • Didn't birks say something about a trip to Ullapool?

    Nice to see Pammie popping in.

    Alehouse - thinking of you this evening.

    OPR - enough to stop you going  mad and little enough that you get to Sunday rested and raring to go.

    Apart from the fact that I'm walking with a limp I'm sure I could run if I really needed to so all is progressing as well if not better than could be expected. If I have to sit out a day or two it's easier to do in the torrential rain we've had all day! Hopefully I shall be back to it in time to taper.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • LMH - Maybe it was a nightmare!!!!

    Ale Fingers Crossed

    Postie - a la Blisters yesterday

    Saw the Man this morning - he beat the crap out of the tendons at the lower end of the hamstrings, then stuck some needles in them and then stuck some in my arse. I'm sure the alatter part is just to cause me pain - he reckons its connected!!!image. I must say that it feels much freeer (Is that a word?). We'll see tomorrow when I attempt a light run - I want to this evening but I know I need to wait.

    Anyway 3.2 k swim earlier. V happy with swimming at moment.

    Winter - as long as there's no snow and ice i dont mind it. I can breathe in the winter so thats a pretty major advantage!!. The Dark evenings arent great though!!!!


  • Blisters

    1- Been there and done that VLM 2010 and Abingdon 2010
    2- Taper stats next Monday with 75% 50% and 30% of normal mileage (roughley 55mpw)
    3- I reckon work will help keep the weight down, but I also eat less on noin run days.
    4- I am hoping for the same relaxed approach you saw me in at Gloucester. However my outward carefree attitude is only a front and I expect results for myself.
    5- This has always been a real problem. I am not at present a club member and with evenings taken up with family stuff (taxi service, child minding etc.) makes track work impossible. This means that I tend to rely on tempo sessions for speed work.
    6- The postman Pat uniform gets washed on Sundays so fortunately won't be a problem.

    Thank you all for encouragement and advice, whilst I may not always follow it I do consider it and appreciate it. I think the whole point of blogging training on threads such as this one is so that others can comment and pro actively critique raising areas which I may not have considered. 

  • Would that it were Paddy. Good news that you are a step closer to a run. Think I'd better wait for the swelling to down in the ankle before I try. Most important thing is to be able to do my last LSR this weekend so I shall have to be patient between now and then if that's what's required.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Evening!
    Great post Postie!

    Just back from the Wirral via flooded roads, diversions and closed motorways. Consultant was reasonably happy, surprisingly, with the Achilles, but sufficiently concerned about other areas of the calf (peroneus longus/brevus/tertius anyone?) to order a scan. Tomorrow evening. So another 100 mile drive, which in itself is not great for the problematic areas! Discussion on the way forward next Monday.  Consultant is going out of his way to meet with physio in the interim.

    Consultant amused me this evening when he said that there is no point in speculating when you have tools such as MRI scans to help (after he had emailed to speculate that I may need " a para-tenon strip and internal decompression.")!

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    thanks for comments ref the relays

    Tom, - yes I concur ref relays, I love them, even in the foulness of yesterday, its part of a team effort, and like Dustin and I cheering otehrs other on too not even in your team can give you a big lift.

    Dustin, yes I did hear you, we were holed up in the trees opposite your tent and in a bit... but still got wet.....

    time for the autumn marathons to kick in..... and taper madness...

    7m easy for me tonight.

    Take care


  • LMH, Postie, good luck both. I know what you mean when you say that you listen to advice then decide whether to heed it or not. We're all like that, aren't we?

    No run tonight. Cooking duties.

    In a fit of excitement I entered our local half marathon last night. Today I discovered that I was a plonker, as we are on holiday at the time. Bother. I need a HM the weekend after!

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