Gentlemen's breast chaffing


I have recently started to experience 'runner's nipple' and wondered if any of you have a solution that does prevent this ? Previously, I would smear myself with vasaline and this seemed to work. Recently, however, vasaline does not seem to work. I have tried using plasters but they wouldnt stay on.

Any advice on this would be most welcome.


  • for every person who replies there will be a different answer

    over the years, I've tried many things and for me only 2 things work

    a tight lycra rich top that hugs you (compression type tops) - but they are too warm in summer so that's the winter solution

    for summer, I cover them with tape.  ther are all sorts of tape solutions from cutting up plasters, Micropore, Nip-buds (expensive) and other.  my solution is to use Strapall tape which physios uses as it sticks better than anything else and doesn't sweat off.  it can however be a bugger to get off if you are hairy like me so be prrepared for a bit of pulling hair pain!

    vaseline, bodyglide and various other creams and unguents just wear off and are useless imho, although vas in copious amounts can be used if you forget to tape up - as I did for one London marathon and I just happened to be wearing my most chafing vest!  I had to stop a few times to get more vas from the kind St Johns people ho were handing it out.


    oh - and before Wilkie comes along to correct you as it's her pet hate - it's chafing, not chaffing....image

  • Zinc oxide tape.  Word.

  • image

    My OH uses a strip of wide micropore tape over each nipple.  He's moderately hairy and sweats, but it does stay on.

  • +1 for Strapall. You can even get to quite enjoy removing it (or is that just me? image)


  • baselayer

    even in the summer

    you can get "heatgear" baselayers that are better than bare skin at keeping you cool

    they also stop underarm chafing, insect bites and sunburn, there's none of that "trickly with sweat" feeling, and you can mop excess sweat off your forehead with your forearms image


  • +1 for a baselayer. In the summer just wear the base layer even if it`s just a vest type one.

  • +1 for micropore

  • Vaseline / body glide work for me. I'm fine without anything for up to about 6k so only use it for runs up to about 10k. It probably does wear off some way round, but gives me enough protection.

  • Elastoplast. The sticky cloth tape,not the plaster. Small amount cut to fit precisely over the pink nipply bits, if you're hirsute just direct the stray hairs out the way. Works for me and I sweat bucketloads.

  • Shave around your nips to ensure good adhesion and use cloth elastoplast
  • @fat buddha and dan - thanks for the tip. I bought some Strapall and used it last night on an 8 miler. No probs whatsoever.......until I tried to get it off. Ouch ! The missus was begging me to let her do it so I may have to indulge her at some point !

  • carterusm - a tip with Strapall removal.  wait unti you get in the shower as the hot water softens the glue a little so it comes off a bit easier.  but only a bit... image

  • There speaks the voice of experience image

  • Cheers fat buddha. I have found that a soak in the bath works best. After a few minutes I can slowly and gently peel it off without too much pain...

  • Just harden up and jfdi
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