Barns Green Half-Marathon

Anyone going to this? 

I started running in May and was training to do the IKANO Robin Hood in Nottingham but got let down by the people I was going to run with - as I live in Romford essex I figured I'd find a closer race!

I've done a 5k fun run but this is my first 'proper' race/run... bit nervous TBH am sure I'm ready re training etc (Done 11 miles) but any last minute tips or advice from vets of this event?



  • Hi,

    I'm running this as well.  Only done a 10km before.

    I am hoping they dished out the race numbers in alphabetical order as I am number 14 and expecting to finish somewhere near the back...


  • Have you had your number then? I'm still waiting can see i'm entered on the site but nothing in post yet.  Suppose I'll have to get there extra early and pick it up?

  • It's a great race but the course is quite lumpy to be prepared, don't go galloping off at the start when it is downhill for a little bit. ! I would also advise that you arrive in plenty of time as the roads surrounding get congested quickly, plus road closures come into affect early.

  • As Dips says above, it's a cracking race. Worst hill is at about 10 miles, but it's not that bad - only lasts a few minutes image.NIce long down slope to the finish too.

    Last year you could double this up with the White Knights Half in Brighton for two in one day, but looks like they don't line up this year image

  • Hi,

    I know this is unrelated to the thread, but I missed the registration for this event and am currently trying to find a spare registration.

    If anyone knows anyone who is registered and is not intending to compete please can you put them in contact with me!

    Is there any chance of resgistering on the day of the event?

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