First Half next Sunday - Tips?

I started running in May and was training to do the IKANO Robin Hood in Nottingham but got let down by the people I was going to run with - as I live in Romford essex I figured I'd find a closer race!

I've done a 5k fun run but this is my first 'proper' race/run... bit nervous TBH am sure I'm ready re training etc (Done 11 miles) but any last minute tips or advice from anyone?


  • Don't get carried away just because it's a "Race." Remember to run your own pace, it's much nicer to be last off the start line and strong at the end of the race than it is to be quick off the start and dying at halfway!
    Make sure you have an easy week this week, so you're going into the race with muscles fresh. 

  • Yup, hold yourself back at the start, if there are lots of starters it's easy to get carried away, for every second faster than your ideal pace at the start you pay for it with interest at the end, easy to go off way too quick without realising. GPS watches, or footpod watches are very useful for keeping an eye on this. I went off way too fast on my first 2 HMs, only done 3 mind - but the third I managed to run every 5km in the same time give or take 20 sec and felt great at the end, rather than fast first 5K and very slow final 3 miles and be in pain over the line.
  • What time are you looking at. I will be there and going have to run slower than i want as got tight calf and chesty cough. Been told not to run but i am doing as stubborn. If you start to feel tired start dedicating each mile to a love one, you wouldnt want let that love one down would you? It is a flatter course and usualy great support. There was 7000 people who had entered the other day according to the radio (but not sure if that figure includes mini run to). being your first just enjoy. I 1st did robon hood in 07 in 2hr39 saying that will be my worst half ever and it was as got time down to 2hr04 in 10. Had 20 months off running and came back in may this year. im hoping 2hr 15. There also pace markers if that helps you. deep breaths, relax run your own race and enjoy. If coming up night before enjoy my home city there small italian dolcie on broadway street id recommed if you like independent restaurants, its opposite cinema

  • I like to "know my enemy" so generally have a  good look at the course route, including elevation profile. Google Earth/Streetview is handy for this too. I like to know roughly where I am on the course and it's good to know where the hills are. For the Edinburgh Rock and Roll Half, for example, there were roughly 3 miles of uphill in the first 6 miles which it was handy to know about beforehand.

    The other thing that's affected me was starting the halfs later in the day than my training ones and needing to have breakfast. Good idea to have a practice at this beforehand, or if not stick to something safe.

    Most of all though, try to enjoy it on the way around!


  • How did it go?
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