The last couple of times I've been out running I've ended up with blisters on the tops of both of my little toes.

Firstly, what's causing this? Could it be my shoes telling me to get a new pair!?

Secondly, Given that I now have blisters, how do I protect them when I'm out running (plasters don't seem to last long!)

Ta muchly


  • Hi Wise Owl

    Compeed plasters, which are made of a hydrocolloid foam, are fantastic for blisters. And yes, your shoes are probably trying to tell you you should stop carrying your old chewing gum home in them because it always rolls down to the toe and gets forgotten :-)

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • hi wise owl,

    I have a similar problem in that i have got a huge blister one my big toe, but it is between my big toe and second toe, and on both feet. Very painful. I was told not to pop them due to infection, i am currently putting a piece of cotton wool wrapped in plaster(water proof one)over the blister and then go out for my runs, this seems to help with the pain but they are very slow in healing.
    Let me know if you do come up with a good idea as i will be interested.

  • I have the same in between blister problem and find that it is improving by using vaseline between the toes before running.
    NB mine has burst with no infection (yet!)

    I belive strongly in allowing as much fresh air to my feet as possible to allow the blister to day out a bit - whcih seesm to be helping as well.

    Good luck and let me know if you get other good advice

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