Conwy Half Marathon

I've just signed up for this as part of my "rehabilitation" after Chester marathon. Anyone else doing it or done it before and want to pass on any tips?




  • You want last years Garmin stats?!


  • wheels blew off for me, I was badly dehydrated.  Here you go..

  • Cheers HE. I don't think I'll be PBing on that course, the middle part will wipe me out if I try and run it too fast.

  • It's a very fast finish - (bar sandy path) but my problem was eating junk food that weekend, I was seeing dots by the end, dehydrated, St John's Ambulance trip needed. The Orme (if you do hills) is not too bad. I run not too dissimilar hills local to me. Also I was only 20 secs slower than a flattish Lancaster HM 2 weeks previous so could be faster than you think. Great great race though, I loved it.
  • Morni.......erhem good afternoon.
  • You doing this one Andy?

  • No unfortunately I'm doing the preston 10m but just noticed its on the same day. Oooooooooooh look forward to reading how everyone gets on though.
  • 5/6 weeks after Chester I won't be tearing up any trees running over the Orme, it takes about a month for my legs to get really back after a marathon. Entering this race is more about making sure I get my arse in to gear and back running ASAP after Chester.

  • gaz. will be more a fun run for me too.   Andy, change over to this?!  We have to keep our Chester group going!! 

  • Its a possible north wales vest though with Preston. If I get picked image

    If not then I'm well up for running round the orme with anyone to be honest image
  • Really Andy (re vest)? That's brilliant.  What's the time you have to do it in to get an International Vest?  

  • I dont know what the official time required is for an international vest but I've been lucky enough to represent North Wales at 10k so after doing doing the Llandudno 10 in 57:19 the north wales manager may just be thinking lets give the lad a go image it is a buzz to wear that vest though image that will be something to put in the blog image
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