Anyone else brave these wet conditions?

Hey guys, 

I went for my first "Long Run" today, and after much planning, I had a perfect route. Through the scenic park that is by my house, exit onto main road, follow road to side entrance of park, and home. Sounds simple right? 

Well, being a relative newb to running I still havent got hold of a light waterproof jacket, so I wore my long sleeve Nike Dri fit thingy, and my usual shorts/shoes. 

I left the front door thinking I was going to finally do over 8k! (I have only previously done ParkRun followed by rest with a drink then 3k jog back to my home) I was going to do it slow and try and put these into every running week I have slowly increasing the distance. 

So... I get to the park and the sky opens up and chucks everything it has at me, I mean this rain was rediculous. I knew the rain was coming but not like that! I pereseveered and carried on thinking "If it gets too bad I'll turn around and think about buying a treadmill", So I continued, up the slight incline that makes up almost half my planned route and realised, I was loving it. I have recently stopped using headphones on my runs and this was an amazing feeling. No one was about, just me and the tracks I was running on, the rain beating on my cap and my clothes stuck against my body from the incresing wind, it was probably really cold but I didn't care at all, I felt like a runner, a REAL runner. I was the one out there slogging through this rain and cold, no one else.

I passed a group of ramblers who where clad in waterproof coats and umbrellas, and a few of them where moaning about the dodgy conditions. I ran past smiling to myself, said good morning and turned down the path I needed to. 

As I came to the road section of my run, my legs where aching slightly, but I wan't out of breath, I was not going fast or particularly hard, but I think the constant incline took its toll on me. I stopped for a few seconds and let the pressure off of my feet and bones, and continued on my route. Now it was all downhill or flat.

I passed the petrol garage that I see on my usual 2 mile runs, but this time I had easily done double that!,  I was soaked to the bone, my hair underneath my hat was wet and I was getting strange looks from children in passing cars.

Everything was easy again, I settled into my stride and sidestepped in to the side entrance of the park again. This was my favourite bit, I was the wettest, and the coldest I had been all run, but I was flying along, not out of breath, no aches, no pains. Pure running.

As I came to my original entrance and realised I had gone full circle, I slowed to a walk, and smiled the biggest smile I think I've had in months.

I may not be the fastest, I may have the most stamina, but I had the guts to carry out, through the bad conditions, which to be frank, are only going to get worse now.

I wont kid myself, I need to get a waterproof running jacket, but that hour of alone time, free time was exactly what I want from running. Yeah I know it's fun to get PB's and I am trying for them but this was something else, I hope I can experience what I felt today again in a future run, maybe along the beach in the summer like Rocky Balboa, or in the snow. I loved it.

Sorry for the long wall of writing, but now to my question, did you go out for your run this morning? Do you like running in bad conditions? Or do you prefer to run on the treadmill inside on days like these?

I am sure the novelty will wear off soon and I will be making a thread in the real wintery months complaining I am cold and don't want to go out, but I'll enjoy it for now!



  • Yay - running in the rain - can't beat it. The only real problem is though I know I love it, it's still hard to get out of the door - it was this morning at 6am with the dark, wind and rain outside. However, once out it was great.

    So to answer your questions - yes I did go out & no I hate running on a treadmill!

    I would challenge your assertion that you need a waterproof running jacket though. You'll never get one that is both waterproof and breathable enough to run in, in UK conditions, so will end up just as wet from sweat, but that smells worse than rain! The real challenge is to avoid the combination of wet and cold - I find a thermal long-sleeve top and a windproof gilet to be ideal as the gilet keeps the wind from making me cold. If I was heading somewhere remote I'd put a waterproof in a pack just in case something happened and I couldn't run to generate heat, but I think I have only ever run in my jacket about 3 times and regretted it every time!.

  • Hi Jake

    I doubt that the novelty will wear off and you will enjoy it just as much again in the future. To add to the 'fun' try and run through puddles and mud, get splashed by vehicles passing by you on the road etc. I went out last night and the weather was horrible and the roads were starting to flood. I got to one corner of the road and I could see that the other side was flooding so I had to go by a huge puddle on my side of the road. I new that if any vehicle drove through the puddle at the same time I ran by then the result would be obvious. And needless to say I could see a 4x4 in the distance and I knew exactly what was coming but I didnt care. I carried on running and the 'XXXXX' (replace the X with any word of your choice that best describes 4x4 drivers) sped up and I got aboslutely drenched. I stopped and just burst into laughter, it felt great. I also went out into the Pak District on Saturday morning and it was freezing cold and windy so I had my hat and gloves on. It was a clear day and the views were spectacular. It was a hard run and I was freezing cold but again I loved it.

    Keep up the good work !

  • Ahh, ok thanks for the advice Exiled Claret, I too don't enjoy any treadmill work, I get bored too quickly image.

    A windproof gilet? Do you have any idea of a decent cheap one, I don't think I've ever seen one on sweatshop's site or anywhere for that matter, just those rediculous Hollister ones that my younger sister wears... Every Day! 

    Yep, the only thing I was slightly worried about was the wind today, when my chest was wet through and the wind was biting on it, I thought I could be reisking getting a cold or something similar.

    Glad im not the only one who enjoys, it I was beginning to think I was just strange image

  • Hey Carterusm, 

    When you are wet do you not find it slightly uncomfortable to run with squelching feet? I thought I would, but it didn't affect me in the slightest, I might try and spice my next one up with some puddle runs then haha, brilliant stuff!

  • Hi Jake

    Nope. As soon as youre wet youre wet so you just have to get on with it. To be honest, as I get so hot during a run, I prefer to running in the more inclement weather to running when it's red hot. Are you planning to do some trail running and night runs as well as a bit of variety ?

  • Yeah, definately, trail runs are on the list of things to do. Night runs not so much. I live in an "interesting" area, so I don't think night runs are particularly safe for a twiggy 19 year old guy image.

    Who knows, I want to go to the lake district next summer with some mates who happen to be much better than me at running, so I'm sure we will arrange a few runs, maybe some night runs too, the possibility is there.!

  • What I would say at the moment Jake (and yes I ran this morning at 5:40) is that I went out the door and then found it was pooring with rain so I went back in (took my glasses off) and put on a rain jacket - and found it to much. Although it was windy and raining especially along the sea wall where I was running it wasn't really cold enough for the jacket and struggled a bit being to warm - so will be back to t shirts again for a bit longer. 

  • Ok Grendel3,

    So you think it would be better to stick things out like I have been in my long sleeve top and shorts? until it gets too cold and then think about a jacket or gilet. Seems like sound advice, I definately was not "uncomfortable" this morning, but did get the odd chill on my chest.

  • Hey Jake, I just wanted to say well done and I loved reading this! Im the same where I kept getting stuck at 4 miles, and I went running Friday night and the heavens just opened up! I am a bit of a girly girl so to start with I wasn’t impressed getting soaked as I was going out straight after the run, but then I was so grateful as it really cooled me down and I loved the feel of the rain on my arms, plus I seriously need to get used to it over winter. I can only run in leggings and a vest, I hate wearing anything else so in the winter it may be a problem but ill cross that bridge when I come to it. But I agree with exiled claret that its hard to get the right jacket that breathes and also stays waterproof so ill be interested if anyone does recommend a reasonably priced decent one otherwise I may freeze a little over winter J

  • Hi Carterusm, the image of you and the 4X4 is hilarious and I know what is meant about when you are wet you are wet.  It is funny about being so wet that you don't  give a dam except when you have to avoid the squelching when returning home and peeling off the now "second skin" .  It is just great.  J

  • I do wear the rain jacket when the weather gets colder - tend to wear it from about end of October to end of March - but definitely felt over dressed this morning, to the point that it was uncomfortable.  Haven't thought of a gillet though - even in the snow we had at the start of the year, I still wore shorts without problems.

  • I ran one of our long runs in prep for Liverpool next month, and we got soaked to the bone, and blow about like plastic bags!

    It was 10'c, but besides my arms and hands we weren't cold - not until we stopped that is, and warmed down - then Mat, my running partner started shaking like a leaf, and he didn't stop for an hour, despite getting in the warm. strangely, he had good blood flow, and it was I that had white, numb hands, and arms like ice blocks!


  • I run every day, or cycle to work down the Monsal Trail in Derbyshire and get wet plenty of days but it dont kill, toughens you up for when its snowing and really cold!!! Well done keep at it. Soon be running much further and enjoying it when it rains. might need two pairs of trainers as they take abit to dry out. I have a pair at work and one at home and one to run in.   Stuff em with newspaper when soaked and they dry out in a few hours.  Hated running Edinburgh Marathon this year as unbelievably hot. Bring on the winter for running!!!image

  • Great to hear everyones tips and stories, really makes me want to go out again haha!

    mcs you say you run or cycle to work every day, what happens when you are soaking wet and turn up to work? if you don't mind me asking image

    I think I will tough it out then and look to invest at the end of the month in some more winter orientated gear!

    Tom, I had a warm bath waiting for me when I got back inside, I ran it boiling hot before I left and then hopped straight in when I had finished peeling the clothes off me! 

    Nicola, I think we will get used to it faster than we think as long as we stick to it!

    I really didn't think I would get the running bug this badly, but I love it! I might even do something as crazy as registering for a half mara for next spring/summer! I hit my 5k goal pretty quickly and now trying to get under 30 for the Parkruns, 30:44 currently, but training hard. 

    Then it is off to the world of 10k's which I will do until I can get under 1hr, and then half's. Long way away but I am loving every minute. 

    This cold stuff might toughen me up for my 5k Pharma Run race in Windsor at the end of next month!

  • I enjoyed a very long hot shower - can't do baths if i'm honest, as i get too stuffy!

    Not too keen on this whole ice bath thing after the marathon though - seems a little backward to be even if geeks with white coats and thick glases say otherwise!


  • Got caught in a shower the other night that was so hard I couldn't see for the water in my eyes!

    Looking at my splits when I got back in, that was the fastest part of my run though, guess I couldn't wait to get home.

  • Well done on your long run Jake. You're definitely a real runner as you say  - although maybe you need to lose a few toenails too!

    Went out this lunchtime. Entertainingly windy and rainy. My best one however was a month or two back when I was on an extended run home from work. It was dry when I started but came to a bit of track with a huge puddle. Not wishing to run a further 5 miles in wet shoes I acutally removed shoes and socks to wade through it. Won't be doing that again. Cue torrential, and I mean TORRENTIAL rain.

    I run the next 5 miles in biblical rain. To give you an idea, they later closed one of the roads I ran up to repair it following water damage caused by the rain on the day.

    It was one of my most enjoyable runs ever. I was immediately drenched so couldn't get any wetter, I passed two walkers and a cyclist caught in it and we exchanged Dunkirk spirt type banter, and the rain somehow helped me keep my rythmn.

    Since I'd run home from work, I had my wallet in my shorts pocket and, of course, it got drenched too. Got a funny look from the work coffee shop when presenting my cardboard loyalty card the next day!

    Clothes-wise I have to wear gloves in anything remotely cold as my hands are rubbish, but still just go with shorts and t-shirt and maybe a gilet. Baseball cap can be useful for keeping water out of your eyes, and use vaseline wherever you might need it!

  • Ah baseball cap to keep water out of eyes- that makes a lot of sense.

  • Thanks for that Jake; you made me feel better about getting cold and wet doing the Doone Run at the weekend. Sitting in the car looking out to sea howling wind and rain? Inspirational stuff (not) the poor race marshals, they deserve a medal! Recomendation for a gilet; an Endura one.

  • I wear a Gore gilet, and it's one of my best ever running investments. Got a Gore windproof jacket earlier this year, but not yet had the weather to try it out.

    My main problem with rain is wearing glasses! I can't see well enough to run without them, don't wear contact lenses, and have great difficulty finding a baseball cap large enough to fit! "One size fits all" doesn't!

  • Hey thanks for the replies guys, keep this great advice coming!

    CambridgeManor, I too have glasses, and I found that even though they got soaked the cap I was wearing kept them relatively dry compared to the rest of me. Thanks for the gilet reccomendations too, I will be taking a look soon. 

    Cormorant, yep gotta lose a toenail or two to "become" a runnerimage. Am hoping it gets it over and done with over the winter so I can wear sandals or nothing on my feet come spring summer without people wondering if I have a disease image

  • Ok, seems I'll have to look harder for a rainproof baseball cap (or at least, a cap with a visor that won't go soggy) that will fit and not annoy me when wearing it.

  • Maybe try changing the peak slightly?

    The baseball cap I wore was a plain one from the olympics that I got for £10. It soaked through, and by the time I got home my hair underneath was damp too, but I am 100% sure it was better than if I didn't use one at all image Good Luck looking! 

  • Sorry, I'm not really up on current clothig gear to recommend a particular gilet at the moment - mine is about 8 years old I think. That's the fantastic thing about all this technical gear - it never seems to wear out - shhh - don't tell the manufacturers - I haven't had a single bit of technical gear other than socks wear out. Some is well over 10 years old.

    I don't know what the material is, but it withstands a little bit of rain, but doesn't stand up to anything more than a short light shower, but it does keep the worst of the wind off the torso.

  • I've been itching to get out in this weather but am resting up due to already having a bit of a chill; hopefully the rest will help me out of my current rut also.

    A most enjoyable thread though with some great stories and advice. Pipeful lay I'll be up and out over the next few days.
  • Just ordered an Inov8 Rain Peak 62 in size large, £12. Fingers crossed for a good fit, and good specs protection.

  • I was out in it this afternoon, at about 14:00, on a regular route

    From the 1 mile back round to the 5 mile marks, I was in water for a lot of the way, from 1 & 1/2 miles for about 400 yards, it was basically a stream-bed instead of a bridleway!

    Then, at 2 & 1/2 miles, it was into a field of 'Elephant grass', which was about 8 foot tall & bent double -that meant walking through most of it.

    Got home, after a steady 50 minutes to be shouted at for creating a pool of water in the kitchenimage
    Took the edge off the fun somewhat..................

    i just hope the rain's slowed down a bit for the run to work (@ 06:15) in the morning, & also tomorrow evenings club-run

  • Hope your chill eases up soon RMR! The you can get out and start splashing about!

    Richard that sounds awesome, I don't think I've ever come across any "Elephant Grass" before, coming from a slightly urban area, I assume it is just really long thick grass. I imagine that would be a pain trying to get through, even in good weather!

    From what I have been told, the rain is staying, just getting lighter and more showery instead of heavy all day like today.

    It's a shame really image

  • Just to follow up on my comment yesterday Jake - although the wind was, if anything, stronger than yesterday, the tide was higher along the sea wall and the sea spray was coming over the top as opposed to yesterdays rain, I ditched the rain jacket was a bit chilly on the way out - but felt brilliant!!!!!

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