Anyone else brave these wet conditions?



  • It sounds like Grendel3 and cragchick have some bad weatehr today. I'm working in Nottingham today but hopefully it's really windy and throwing it down with rain when I go out on my run in Sheffield later !!!

  • Richard A T; you need a dog! All muddy marks and pools of water in my house are caused by the dog! If the bath or shower is dirty that is the dog as well. The poor thing thinks its name is 'bloody dog'. Simple!

  • I decided to go for a run and then changed my route at the last minute. Yes it was pouring down and I just had on a pac a mac thingy . Ended up going through a field twice as I got lost and then down the muddiest trackway. My poor new Saucony's are still drying out. This seems to be my first intro to a bit of trail running and I LOVED IT!! My 20 min run turned into an hour.  Now think I need some hybrids so can road run AND go off road when the mood takes me..... any ideas on a goog budget pair anyone? ( I just blew £90 on my Saucony Pro Grid 5's which are great for roads)

  • Jake Long wrote (see)


    Richard that sounds awesome, I don't think I've ever come across any "Elephant Grass" before, coming from a slightly urban area, I assume it is just really long thick grass. I imagine that would be a pain trying to get through, even in good weather!


    Jake, there is a defined path through it, but due to the weather it was touching & needed forcing through


    Then, there was the footpath overgrown with Nettles for 100yards, & the crumbling bankings in Half-Moon (oxbow lakes on the map link, in my initial reply)

    T'was good fun, but this mornings run to work was a bit cooler (as was the home-coming)

    Mindst you' it's good fell-racing weatherimage

    This is the 'Trunce' (@ Penistone, South Yorkshire) - one of my favourite (if short!) races, but the Don was iin-flood that race!!
    (usually just over ankle-deep at that crossing)

  • Managed to get out but it didn't rain dammit!
  • Ran to work and back today (there @ 06:15, home @ 15:30)

    Combined time for 9 miles was 59:36, then the club run this evening, slightly truncated (agreed), but a wet 6.3 miles in 47:36
  • In the 18 months or so I've been running, I can count on one hand the number of times it's rained during a morning run. After this morning, I can add one more finger to that hand. Five and a bit glorious miles in the dark and the rain, all before 7am. Not all that cold, but my gilet is hi-vis so went with that.

    Now sat at work with a sausge sandwich whilst my running clothes are gently dripping on the floor at home and the shoes stuffed with newspaper are nicely steaming in the airing cupboard!

  • l love running in the rain, but i've been in the gym a lot in the last few weeks and not been out running so much as im tapering my runs for the cusworth 10k in the 1st week of October.

    Just wanted to say 2 things though, great thread and well done Jake, it's great reading some of the inspiring stories from people on here and really gives yourself a kick up the aris personally.

    Other thing was to say that if you want a cheap, waterproof windshell/gillet then you wont go far wrong with the dare2b one you can get from Debenhams online just now.

    l paid a tenner for mine. It's bright orange, hi viz, reflective and not a breath of wind or a drop of rain gets through which is incredible seeing as it's that thin you could "spit peas through it" as my mother would say. It also keeps you fantastically temperate in any kind of weather.

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