My first marathon is LP on 14/10 - can't wait, but have q's!


I'm really looking forward to Liverpool next month, which will be my first full marathon, but I have concerns about clothing...

After getting my first proper soaking and a thorough battering from the wind yesterday (we'd been very lucky to date!!) on a long exposed run, I was left in no doubt I need to sort out a top, and learn more about the options fast! 

I have searched, but cannot find/understand what type of long sleeved top I should take (and start in, should conditions dictate the need..) next month - can you guys offer some advice please?

Should the item be tightly fitted, such as a base layer or compression top, or a loose jacket I can remove. I should imagine none of the formers are waterproof, but just dry quickly.

Does the 'technical' term apply to both differing types of outfit?

Really confused, and grateful for any help :S






  • You need less kit when racing than when you are training. The pace is higher. 

    Take a bin bag to the start to keep you dry and warm when waiting round. Then discard it as you go. If you really think you need another layer have a look round Aldi or Lidl and see if they have any lightweight cycle jackets. They pack to the size of a tennis ball and will keep the wind off you. 

  • Hi, and thank you for replying.

    I doubt the weather will be as bad as it was yesterday, but if it is i'm going to need more than a bin bag while i wait to start - we wont be running much/any harder on race day - not this, or first time...

    When we finished, my hands were white (gloves in heinsight...) and Mat shivvered for nearly an hour, despite back in the warm - so i'd like a long sleeve top - just in case.. ?  image


  • arm warmers look really stupid, but are well wort it on a really cold mornin- and easy to take off and carry when you warm up. It would be pretty cold weather to really nee a jacket or a marathon, unless you are going to be out there 5hr +.

     Bin bag for the wait around at the start , or an old throw away top, is a must.

  • Hi, and thanks

    We shouldn't be out that long. I know it was on the flat around the reservoir, but we did 20.5 miles in 2 hrs 31 mins yesterday...

    I'm not sure i'm comfortbale enough with my sexuality to wear arm warms - pink shirts i can do, but arm warms - not sure! Joking aside, i'll look in to them.

    I'm really surpised by the reaction to long sleeve tops. If it were 10'c, blowing a gale and raining, what would you run in?


  • Good god - thats fast for a training run. What time are you going for ?

    Arm warmers are a great idea - I wear them all the time on the bike and they work well for running too.

    I remember doing the Round the Walls race in the snow at Chester one Boxing Day.

    It was so cold my screenwash froze. (The concentrate that you add to water). I think it was minus 8 or something ?

    I did run in a long sleeve top but could have got away with short sleeve. 

  • Unless it's close to freezing I will race in shorts and a vest.

    You do know that if you go sub 3.10 you will qualify as Good for Age for the London marathon, don't you?  Be a shame to miss out by a few seconds!

  • At that pace, once you get going you should be fine. That's about the same pace as the training run I did 3 weeks before I got my good for age earlier this year (3.07) . The throw away top for the start is always a good idea.
  • I've been doubting the circumference of Cheddar res since we finished, but Mat assured me he googled it, and it was 2.92 (or something) around. It isn't!

    I've just found out the 20.4 mile run wasn't at all, and we only ran 15 on Sunday - gutted, and i feel rather daft with this egg all over my face! Sorry guys.

    The maths now suggest we were running at 4 hr 20 pace, which is slow, and would explain why i had far too much left in the tank - i was doing the 'funky chicken' for the last 50m so pleased was i with the time and energy i had remaining!! image


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