Rucksack essentials

Next year (September) I’m planning to run 170 miles (6 marathons in 6 days) across the width of the UK with no support team - just running between B&Bs.

I obviously want to travel light – what would people suggest as the key essentials for my rucksack? Like, what are your thoughts on a waterproof jacket? Should I take one, or am I going to get wet anyway?

I do however plan to drop off a few key essentials (clothes for the evening etc) at the B&Bs the week before, ready for when I arrive. Any other ideas for this?

Any other advice would be much welcome (ie, should i run in shorts or running tights?)

Many thanks, Shaun For more details, see my blog ...


  • Spare socks, wet wipes, blister plasters, toilet roll, immodium instants tape for rucksac chaffing, head torch, mobile phone, map- can you leave next day's map in each night's "drop bag"?


  • Good luck!

    On the waterproof / shorts front and being unsupported. I guess one thing to consider is what if you can't run? i.e you've injured yourself and either you can't move, or you can walk, but not run. 

  • Thanks for the comments so far.

    On the safety issue, I'll be running with one other person and we're mostly sticking to a route which is navigable by road.

  • I would suggest in addition to your kit your are wearing as a minimum you carry a dry top pref long sleeved, a waterproof jacket, gloves, hat/buff, map, phone (charged and with an ICE number in the phonebook), A little food additional to what you will consume whilst running.

    Basically if it all goes horribly wrong you will most likely have a wait until someone can get to you/finds you. Think of what you would want to keep you warm and as comfortable as possible.

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