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Hi image

I decided to join this forum as I've entered the Great Birmingham Run (Half marathon) on 12th October.

I regularly run but I've only ever run for fun before - I go every other day so I'm a confident runner...


I know next to nothing about running.image

I don't know what to eat, when to eat? When to train, how to train? What trainers/kit to wear?
I'm pretty clueless and need some tips on getting myself performing to my potential.

I would really appreciate any tips/advice from experienced runners...

Thank you,




  • I imagine you're well in to your half marathon training programme by now.  Which programme did you go for?

  • No not at all - I only signed up the other day!

    I wasn't planning on doing it as running is just a hobby for me, but due to the incident in Manchester last week, I decided to fundraise for Care of Police Survivors.

    My runs range from 6m - 10m generally but I did a couple of half marathons last week, so I know what kind of time to aim for. They were 1:51 & 1:56 with decent inclines, so I'm thinking of aiming for 1:45 given that the route is pretty flat too. Do you think that is realistic?

    I really want to give it my best shot though and get the best time I can.

    Is there a 4 week training programme? 

  • Assuming I have understood correctly you have no problem running the 13.1 miles as you are regularly running up to 10 and ran the half distance twice last week.

    With the time you have left there isn't much more you can do! Make your last long run at least a week before the race and just a couple of easy runs in the last week. 6 milers would be good.

    Last couple of days don't run, eat well, sleep well drink plenty of water and stay out the pub.

    On race day don't go off too fast, start at your usual pace and pick it up later if you are feeling strong.

    Other than that don't change anything this clse to the race as it is more likely to do harm than good! If you enjoy it and want to race again give your self a bit more time to change your training if you want to improve performance.

    Based on what you have stated in your posts you'll be fine and will do your cause proud.
  • I'm a newbie runner, so I can't offer you the advice you are seeking, but as I work in GMP (civi side, i'm not a cop unfortunately) I wanted to wish you good luck and thank you because of who you are running for. Hopefully when I get more experience I can do something like you for a good cause.

    Best of luck

  • I can't run to the end do my road but I have flash trainers Just do what you keep doing by the sound of it.

    Great cause, best of luck.
  • Ok great thanks for the feedback, very reassuring!

    Quite looking forward to it now - it's so tempting to push myself but I'd be devastated if I injured myself so I'll just keep up the usual.

    I'm a bit concerned about needing a wee stop - been trying to not drink for at least 2hrs before a run recently and try to force anything out right before I leave the house - still I seem to need to 'go' at around 6/7miles in... :-/

    Thanks for the support btw much appreciated...
  • Dobo bobo I've offered to cover for the funerals next week as they fall on my rest days, I know Manchester is a pretty big place but our paths may cross! image
  • Good luck image  I am doing my first half marathon on the 14th October and currently running 7 miles max so you are much more prepared than me! Going for a 9 miler this weekend and 11 the following and then hopefully get round on the day.

  • Thanks, good luck to you too!

    If you can do 7, the 13 will be fine, just use a running app and let it count down the miles for you for the last few. Like the 1p's make the pounds, the 1m's make the half marathons! Lol x
  • thanks!! ive been counting backwards from 1000 to take my mind off the pain. let us know how you get on image

  • Brumrungirl wrote (see)
    Dobo bobo I've offered to cover for the funerals next week as they fall on my rest days, I know Manchester is a pretty big place but our paths may cross! image

    Another big THANK YOU! I shall have make a donation to Care of Police Survivors in recongnition of your support to Greater Manchester and running for Fiona and Nicola.

    Hehe it is possible that our paths may cross. I work at Bootle Street Police Station in the City centre and you may be asked cover the City centre due to the Labour Party conference which is next week. If you get assigned to Tameside Division, I hope you enjoy your patrol - the steep hills will keep you fit for your HM! I used to live in Hyde where Nicola and Fiona were based and I always felt safe thanks to the brave service of officers like Fiona and Nicola.

  • Thanks dobo, I'm coming up tomorrow and thurs for the guard of honour part

    still not sure of all the fine details yet...!
  • Hi Brumrungirl, I've sent you a PM with funeral details so that your topic is not derailed.

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