Hi everyone,

I just wanted to bring to your attention a brand new obstacle race in the South West just outside of Exeter at Escot Park

Please do check out the website and like on facebook, follow on twitter

If you have any questions please do drop me an email on


  • looks a like a bit of fun.over £50 now to enter........thats a bit too steep for me....might have been tempted by the eraly bird prices......

  • Same here, cannot afford it

  • I've always been interested in trying out one of these events but what puts me off us the big queues for the obstacles. Seems to take away the racing element.

    ??50 is a bit steep for me as well.
  • Hi everyone,

    Thank you for your responses, with regards to the price £50 maybe steep to some but if you compare to other obstacle races it is relatively cheap for a 10km race.

    Also if you have a group of four or more you will recieve a group discount which goes up the more people in your team.

    Also if you are a student, in the forces, or work for the NHS or any of the emergency services you will recieve a discount on top of the discount for being in a group.

    Students: NUS15 (15% off current pricing)
    Armed Forces: FORCES10 (10% off current pricing)
    NHS: NHS10 (10% off current pricing)
    Police: POLICE10 (10% off current pricing)
    Fire Service: FIRE10 (10% off current pricing)

    We are also putting on entertainment, having a bar and food stands and not to forget we plan to have a good bag at the end.

  • £50 for a 10k?

    'plan to have' a goody bag

    Even the big city marathons are not that extortionate!!

    Looking at the website there seems to be quite a bit still in the 'undecided' or 'planning' stages and for that price I would want a lot more than if's, buts and maybe

    Its a wonder at that price you cant afford to pay for your advertising

  • You have to understand an obstacle race is slightly different to a city marathon, you have to factor in hire of the ground, buying obstacles, paying marshalls also insurance for such an event is much higher than a marathon.

    I may have worded plan to have a goody bag, there will be a goody bag with many things in it including for certain a t-shirt with other items to be decided.

    This is the first event being put on by the gentleman organizing the event and everything is being paid for by himself, so any exposure for the event which is free the better.

  • Hi Kittenkat

    We are hoping the event will attract both men and women to the event as it truly is a brilliant event. I know from experience that some people love to race round and try to win the event and others would be happier to just plod around and get to the finish line. I personally will be running it twice, once to get round as quick as possible the other with friends so going round as a group.

    With regards to queues each wave will be limited to 150 people so with people running at different times/speeds we hope that any kind of backlog of people at obstacles wont happen.

    We are also doing a 5km race which is cheaper than the 10km if you fancy tackling a shorter distance

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