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I've been thinking, which is dangerous enough but worse at 5:30. Would it be worth getting a performance test done, if so which one? I've been looking at NewLeaf which is, I believe a VO2Max test that also gives you a little widget to stick in your 910 or Edge 800 to properly set your HR zones and give a much truer calorie burn calculation.

Lookign at Fink the other day - he uses the 220-age for HRmax which I thought was supposedly pretty inaccurate?

I'll be working in Bristol quite a lot from the 1st ctober and there is a NewLeaf centre there, its about £95 for the test, obviously I'd want to know more about it.

The physio I use has also started up a lot of work with Manchester Met Uni and will be offering Performance testing and so on. I could always email tehm and ask what they provide?

Some friedns had testing done at Oxford Brookes Uni a couple of years ago and said it was very interesting, getting an idea of one's actual capabilities

Or should I be worried that I might go, and be told that there's no point as I can't be trained to do anymore than I am doing?

Opinions please


  • What do you want to test? VO2 max testing is well worth it, but also useful to understand lactate threshold levels. Check what you are getting for your money.
  • That's what I need to know I guess. What should I be looking for?
  • I went to Cantebery Uni Sports Lab to get tested on the bike a couple of years ago ... cost about 100 quid but i got a lot out of it 

  • The other question would be which area to get tested on. Should I go for the bike or run or both?
  • Bike is more useful as its harder to self test ... a self test on the run to get your working threshhold is easy to do and quite acurate 

  • I've been tested 3 times - all the times as part of a uni reasearch project. VO2 Max, lactate tests etc etc.

    Didn't use any of it - but then I don't do gadgets nor do I think it makes much sense to stick to artificial limits.

    Feeling good - then go hard, feeling crap then back off, feeling as expected then do session as planned.

    Max HR tests are easy to do for free so no need to pay someone.

    VO2 is a number and as such means nothing unless compared to other readings of this value - is it getting better, worse etc.

    Personaly  - here's the tests you should be doing...

    Are you fat? If true - Lose the lard

    Are you slower than you want to be? If true - Train more

    Better off getting a bike fit or buying a nice new winter jacket.


  • like Gary, I've taken part in Uni studies and had various parameters measured including VO2 max, body fat % using immersion techniques etc.   what did they tell me??  not a lot that I didn't know before.

    my VO2 was towards the upper end of normal but excellent for my age.  I think I knew that. my body fat % was as I expected for a big fella.

    if I hadn't had the tests for free I wouldn't have bothered paying for them 


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