Running post spinal fusion

Hi! i would be interested to hear if anyone has managed to return to running post spinal fusion or post disc replacement. Have discs at L4/5 & L5/S1 & about to have fusion at L5/S1. Regular fell runner and pre-surgery was a serious rower for approx 20 years.


  • I haven't had surgery so my situation is different. I have 2 prolapsed disks (L4/5 being quite bad) and I've had a few flare ups caused by running. I decided to change my running gait to try to reduce the risk of injury. 

    I used to be a bit of a 'pounder' and I'm trying to reduce this. In the past I would take fewer, longer strides and would therefore tend to land harder. I'm trying to reduce my stride length and increase my cadence to keep my steps lighter, reduce the up/down motion and try to keep my head level as I run - it's not as easy to do as it may sound.

    I'm not sure it's a guarentee of injury free running for me, but so far it is helping.

  • Hi Mitch

    Haven't got an answer for you, but am 13 weeks post L5/S1 fusion and am hoping to get back to running too.  My consultant has said that once the spine is fused, there will be no restrictions on what I can do - including being able to run every day if I wanted  image although there's no guarantees I suppose with how the body will cope with it.

    Apparently I can try running in about 3 months; so am really really hoping that the fusion will work!  Like you I was a fell runner, am desperate to get back to the hills.  I've searched on the US Runners World site, there are a few successful post-fusion runners that have posted on the forum there.

    Good luck with the surgery and getting back to running.



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