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  • In the news this week we have had reports of mass rapes in Syria. Grooming of young girls in Rochdale for sex. These two have gone off by mutual consent. She is below the age of consent but only just. Rightly so there will be a prison sentence waiting for him and his life will be in tatters. In many ways he is a victim too. He will be paying the price for this long after she has forgotten about it. But compared to other crimes in the news this week this is not so bad. I just hope they both come home safe. He needs to pay for his crimes and she needs to get on with her life.
  • I am interested in how he is a victim?

  • I don't think he has done this as some violent hate crime. I'm sure he has done it out of love for the girl. He is probably in a very confused and mixed up state too. He has done wrong and should be punished but he isn't a " Ian Huntly" . His life will be devastated by this. How strong must his feelings be to risk everything in his life for the girl.
  • ok, I agree he is no Ian Huntly and it appears the girl's life is not in danger from him. However, that is something the justice system should take care of when deciding on his punishment and not be a reason for him to be considered to be a victim. 

    From reports on the matter so far he appears to be capable of making decisions and understanding the outcome of them. As such, feelings aside, he has knowingly broken laws and removed a young girl from her parents without consent. That is bad enough without gonig into other possible crimes.

    Given her age, she will not be deemed responsible for any actions they carry out as pair. That doesn't make him a victim it just makes him foolish if he was so easily influenced by a young girl.

    I see your point, but I think suggesting he is a victim is probably the wrong way to describe it.

  • Victim of himself and the situation in as much as he will pay the biggest price. A huge price which I'm sure he will regret for the rest of his life. Rightly so in as much as there should be huge deterrents for such behaviour. But rather than turning him into Freddie Kruger like the likes of Seren Nos does in her black and white world I prefer to have a little compassion.
  • Yes, if they returned right now the girl will not get any punishment. Anything she is deemed to have done wrong she can simply say "he made me do it". In that respect his is a victim of his own choices, but they were his own choices.

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    My wife is a teacher, and I must say her stance on this surprised me.  Neither me or her have read all the reports, so can't confirm (or otherwise) her arguments, but she feels a bit sorry for the teacher in this instance and pretty much summed her views up as Sussex Runner has, whilst still acknowledging that the teacher has done wrong and must face any punishment etc.

    Her view (with no knowledge of the ins and outs of the case) is that she would be very surprised if the school hadn't acted if they knew for sure the two were in a relationship.  There was a report that said the girl's friend and reported the relationship but my wife's view was that school can't generally act on every report they get from a teenager.

    Her main point was that because the school had been mixed up in cases previously, they should be even more careful when something like this comes to light.


  • Pffft. Sorry but as much a victim? The age of consent is there for a reason, ok, children don't suddenly grow up and get all responsible about sex from the age of 15 and 51 weeks to 16, but there is a huge difference in maturity between a 32 year old and someone who is 15 or 16, or 18 (because that is how old she would have to be for this to be legally "ok" ... she's not just a few months underage, she's over two years underage because of his position of trust).

    I don't care if she paraded naked through his classroom with a bottle of caramel sauce and a sign that said 'Come and get it' - he's the adult, the teacher in fact, and should have a. known better and b. been able to control his actions if he couldn't control his thoughts.

  • Everyone has inappropriate thoughts/ feelings about something or other, everyone is tempted to break the law at some time or another, it's not about having no sympathy for an error of judgement (but sorry, what does a 32 year old see in a 15 year old that we're supposed to feel sympathetic about? It's really not Romeo and Juliet). Most people don't act on those feelings because they are able to draw a line between what is ok to think about and what is ok to actually do in real life.

    People who are paid to be in a position of responsibility definitely should be able to control their instincts, or if it was that big a deal to him resign from the school and wait until she turned 16 before starting a relationship with her. Not run off out of the country.

  • xine267 wrote (see

    I don't care if she paraded naked through his classroom with a bottle of caramel sauce and a sign that said 'Come and get it' - he's the adult, the teacher in fact, and should have a. known better and b. been able to control his actions if he couldn't control his thoughts.

    i don't think he would really want the bottle of caramel sauce.

  • I knew someone would say that image

  • agree with xine 267....he didn;'t have to wait long did he.....

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    There are also a lot of assumptions in this case. Admittedly, a lot of the assumptions may turn out to be facts, but at the moment they are just assumptions.
  • yes, although given the few known facts i am struggling to find a possible reason to doubt the assumptions.

    unless he took her away to france to escape something else.

    (i don't mean the law)  

  • Double geography ?
  • The pressure is getting to him. He's aged two years in less than a week. He's 32 now apparently. If only she could do the same.
  • I heard an interesting twist to this story that now has me confused as to what crimes have actually been committed...

    In France, the age of consent is 15 and the French Police, while assisting the UK Police to help locate the pair, are not viewing it as a sexual crime.  Apparently there is NO lower age limit for consent in Kazakstan and across Europe it varies considerably.  Also..  around the world there are variations and obviously other variations of rules relating to same sex relationships and anal sex etc,,,

    Therefore, if they deny having had sex in the UK, but did in France or elsewhere, is that still a crime..?  

    Also..  if the girl didn't want to press any charges against the teacher for kidnapping (or whatever it is officially called), what interest is it to the CPS to do so..?  There are umpteen cases of under-age sex and teenage preganancy in the UK and I don't hear of these kids all being prosecuted or their boyfriends...

    Could it be the case that not much at all will be done, other than the teacher being professionally ruined in terms of his future teaching career..?

    And in terms of the variations for consent laws, there are umpteen other laws that vary too..  are we all therefore probably guilty of something because we've been to a foreign country and done something legal there but illegal here...?  


  • taken from another well known triathlon site

    • under the child abduction act 1984, s 2(1), ‘a person … commits an offence if, without lawful authority or reasonable excuse, he takes or detains a child under the age of 16 … so as to remove him from the lawful control of any person having lawful control of the child’ 
    • under s 3, ‘a person shall be regarded as taking a child if he causes or induces the child to accompany him’ 
    • the ‘consent’ of the child is irrelevant; that, as well as the absence of any requirement of force or fraud, distinguishes child abduction from kidnapping 
    so, it doesn't really matter if he has had sex with her or not, or broken or not broken any laws relating to this - the guy has still broken UK law even if she doesn't want to press any charges and that's the key issue.   
  • How the hell have they been able to keep on the run for nearly a week? Bank cards, phone calls can all be traced. If someone was in a position to hide them surely someone would know who they are. Where could they be and how can they be surviving?
  • I have always thought that for a man that age to be attracted to such a young girl - bit of an issue with the bloke.  Reminds me of the total losers who used to go out with girls of that age at my school - you could tell they were the type that couldn't get a girl their own age for whatever reason (usually because they were total losers). 


    The bits and pieces that have been released of his blog (or whatever it was) saying that he was overcome with the emotion (or whatever bollocks he was using to justify his actions) just emphasise his emotional immaturity.


    Of course it could just be that she is pregnant and that is the catalyst for the flee. You would have thought better option was to leave wife, wait till girls 16. 

  • The news today said that the French police aren't trying to trace them, as they haven't committed a crime in France
  • Gym Addict - maybe they just preferred chicken to ham!!
  • eurgh! ..... no the guys were def total losers - less alpha male - more omega male.



  • I have been thinking...........

    so he seems to be saying that he is a bit obsessed with her.and the fact he couldn't wait until she was 16 and he had changed jobs to live with her shows some imaturity and obsession.......

    so how would he react if she decided that she was bored of the whole playing happy families and decided she wanted to come home to her family...........or to have her 15 mins of fame in all the papers etc.............

    he would be left .hunted by the police..lost his family.his job.............everything .all for her and she had changed her mind as young teenage girls do..................

    now if I was the parents this would be my biggest worry as how stable is he

  • good point seren.  



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    I think Sussex runner has a point how have they not been traced if they're using cards/phones etc. we keep being told how George Orwell the world is but when we can't find two missing people it's strange or as a colleague mentioned today - maybe the police are keeping a lot of facts close to their chest to avoid messing their case up.

    You can bet that the pair are watching the news to see if anyone is getting close to them so it could be a decoy
  • I don't think the French are making that much effort.  Understandable from their point of view I suppose.  French law hasn't been broken  and what the teacher has done in the UK (as far as we know) wouldn't be an offence under French law.

    Of much more concern is their lack of progress and effort in catching the murderer of that British family in the Alps a few weeks ago.  The French police have effectively given up saying that it could be 10 years if ever before they catch anyone.

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