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Hi All

I am a 24 year old active person who goes to the gym reguarly 3/4 times a week. I  recently got myself signed up to a half marathon with only 6 weeks to train. So i got straight into training for it, i stopped going to the gym and instead went for runs. I had a pair of Asics to run in which were fine until i started going over the 5 mile mark.

My training was going really well. I made good progress, i went from 2 miles to 4 then up to 6...Once i got to 6 i was getting really bad blisters on the insides of my feet. So i went to a runners need shop and got them to pick me out a decent pair of trainers. I went for a pair of Nike Lunar Eclipse 2 which are really nice and comfy and so much nicer to run in.

Anyway i continued my training in these with my blisters never really properly repairing and i put some of those padded blister plasters over them. They hurt when i ran but they didnt get any worse.

Ive continued my training and done a few 8 and 9 mile runs and then last night i did a 10.4 mile run. Its at this point that my blisters have got really bad and i can hardly walk. The half marathon is 13 days away ( October 7th )

This may sound like a stupid question but do you think i should just rest now and hope they get better before the day?

Also is there anything else i can buy to help these from rubbing on the day? Do running socks really make a difference? Is there anything better than blister plasters i can put on the inside of my feet?


  • Did the shop check your gaitbefore recommending trainers?

    Sounds like you don't have much choise but to rest as much as possible to be honest; they'll just get worse if you continue as is.

    If the shop didn't check your gait then I'd go somewhere that does to ensure the shoes you have support your style/posture.

  • Yea it was one of these shops that get you to run on a treadmill and they look at the way you run etc and recommend the best trainers for you. He said i dont really need much support and gave me a selection of 3 different pairs of trainers and got me to run in each pair. The Lunar Eclipses felt the comfiest and at the time i had just got the blisters and they hurt the least in these trainers as they didnt cut in as much on the arch.

  • Any shoes need to be worn in. You can't just stick on new shoes and expect to run for 10 miles comfortably in them. Apparently stuffing new shoes with lambs wool can help soften them up. Or sit in front of the TV and massage the bit of the shoe that is rubbing. In new shoes, I precautionarily tape up my achilles in particular with plasters before I start to stop them from rubbing for the first 3 weeks of new shoes. Also, look at your socks - what socks are you wearing? Good socks make a bit difference.

    Some shoes will carry on to be a pain, but you have to give them a chance to soften up a bit.

  • Yea i know what your saying. Out of all the trainers the guy at the shop got me to run in on the treadmill these ones hurt my already formed blisters the least thats why i went for them.

    I think i will just maybe see how it goes and if i have to rest my feet for 13 days up to the day of the marathon then thats just what il have to do. Il go back to my local running shop nearer the time and have a look at some socks aswell.

    Im tempted to wrap a bandage round the middle of my foot aswell so it really does stop any rubbing.


    Thanks for your advice so far

  • After my 10.4 mile run last night i not only have really bad blisters but also quite a bad pain in my left foot and i thought it would just disapear in a few days but i have been doing some reading and it sounds quite like Plantar Fasciitis. I wonder whether this pain will go

  • massage your foot, with a golf ball if you have one.

  • Rest for 3 - 5 days.

  • Rest, if you can avoid it don't let the skin over the blisters break. They will heal. Let them heal completely before you run again if you can. Even if that means no more training for your race.

    Definatly get some proper running socks before you run again. Do not run in cheap gym socks, you know the ones you get in packs of 6 for next to nothing. I once ran a half in them as I had no clean running socks and they caused a massive blister on the arch of my foot which I could feel from 6 miles on. Very painful.

    As for plantar faciatis, this will present as pain in the heel or heels of your foot/feet. Stretch thoroughly paying particular attention to your calfs and Achilles tendon. Get some theraband from the chemist, sit with your legs out infront of you, loop it around the balls of your feet and pull.

    Stretch as often as you can not just after excersise. Regularly throughout the day. Good luck.
  • May be a bit late for the half but for the future try rubbing Vaseline into your feet before you run.

    I have been running for about 15 months and through various shoes and gait analyses plus numerous types of running sock I had always suffered with blisters until I got told this by an ex-marathon runner. Since then I have had no problems other than the odd dodgy look in the chemists image

  • Hey Jason, your body is telling you to STOP.  You need those blisters to cure completely and you are not going to gain anything in terms of running fitness by continuing to train with a niggle that could turn into something much worse.

    Capitalise on all the good training you've done by putting those running shoes right away and just rest.  If you get itchy feet, do some cross training but using another pair of shoes than the ones giving you grief.  

    You've put your body through an immense increase in training load and the only reason you've got away with it so far is that you're still young.   Don't push your luck or you'll be sidelined, possibly for months, and it'll all have gone to waste.

    Better to rest up now and run a good half mara on the day.

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