How good is he ....

A good friend of mine has a son who was 11 years old in the summer.

His best times are

1500m       5:05

5000m      18:40

Very good for his age so i was wondering if anyone knew of any youngsters of similar age with better times ?





  • He is very good. But needs to be careful of doing too much to soon, but he should go along to a local athletics club. 

  • Definitely point him in the direction of an athletic club - (not a road running club BUT an Athletic Club)

  • Wow

    mace check out matey

    youngest stats are for U13...5.05 puts him in top 200 nationally. Given that at that age their times improve by 10-20 secs per year, he shows real potential (knock off 20 secs for next year's PB and you can see how far up the list he would go...).

    So, as DiS and Grendel say, get him into a local AC...

  • A frankly superb talent, if the times are correct. I've never come across anything like that from an 11 year old !!!

  • mace, I did some more digging - those times are similar to the times the boy who is now ranked 4th in the UK at 1500 was running last year (i.e. when he was 11) - similar 1500 and 5k times. That young man, a year later, is now hitting 4:37 for 1500....

  • I was speaking to a woman, in her late-thirties earlier this month. She'd run for Wales when younger.  She can't run at all now, because her knees are shot.  Thought to be down to pounding out many road miles at a very young age..

    It sounds like the boy's got natural talent.  Look after him.

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