Salisbury Half Marathon - 28 October

Just wondered if anyone else was doing the Salisbury Half at the end of October? It seems fairly quiet - no mention of it on the events listings and haven't heard of anyone else who is running it. It used to be organised by the FireStation I believe but it now run by Total Buzz Events - who I have had no dealings with previously. Signed up to do it as my first ever half marathon, in preparation for starting my training for the Rome Marathon in March, but am worried now that there will only be a handful of us running and I'll be bringing up the rear! Have done 11.75 miles so far as my longest training run and that was 1.58hrs so hoping for c2hr10 on the day.


  • Hi Kirsty - my wife and I are doing this one for the first time too, so that is at least 3 people running it image  Haven't received any info, chip or race number yet tho...image

  • Ran it last year. Picked up chips on the day.
    Small low key event with nice trophy.

  • Hi, this will be my first half too. Hoping to complete it in about 2hrs 15, but know it's quite hilly so will just have to see how I do on the day.:S Looking forward to it neverthelessimage Think you collect number and chip on the day.
  • Last year there was a post race massage for £5. That was good.

  • I have done it twice in the past few years as it is quite local to me. There is one hill of note about mile 5-6 from memory. It is a very small event with no more than a couple of hundred runners. There is an annoying loop at the end where you have to run beyond the finishing mark and double back! I am old and slow and did run a fair chunk of it last year on my own.

  • Hi all

    Can't believe the race is this Sunday. Looks like it might be a dry, chilly one, which I'm pretty happy with. Did you get the email last night about the chips / race numbers? From looking at the list, there are currently only 145 runners pre-registered! Am hoping that a few more turn up on the day or it looks like I might be bringing up the rear! Some one has to I suppose!

    Good luck

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