Nike Equalon +4s

I know that these have been discontinued but does anyone have any idea if anywhere online still has a stock? My googling hasn`t been fruitful but I am a `common` size (10).

Any other fans moved successfully to an alternative shoe?


  • Pretty please!

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    I'm running in my last pair of stockpiled Equalon 3s and have had the same lack of luck as you, ET. I guess just keep checking Fleabay.

    Not much help to you I'm afraid but I had to take pity on your thread ... image

  • Cheers Muttley. Let me know what you move on to.

    I`ve got some Adidas Sequence but I now have a stress fracture which may well have occured whilst wearing them. image

  • I am also looking for some replacement equalon 4 luck as yet and will follow this thread with interest ......


  • I have reluctantly ordered myself some Asics Kayanos as the nearest thing. I will see how they work out for me.

    I can't understand why Nike no longer make equalons or anything similar. They now seem to be pushing "lunar eclipses" which from the reviews are completely different.

  • Couple of size 10 Equalon 4s on Fleabay at the moment. Used, mind ...

  • Thanks Mike. Not sure whether I'd risk second hand Muttley but I'll have a gander! Cheers!
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