Mid term report

Hi. I started running last November and for motivation I set myself some goals for the year. As it is nearly the end of September I was reflecting on how it is going and I wondered if you do the same. What were the goals you set? How is it going so far?

For me

  •  I DID run my first proper 5k 
  • looks like I will hit the annual 500Kms pretty soon and now aiming for 600 
  • My sub 30 min 5k and sub 60min 10k are not going so well. I have dipped below 30 mins for 5k once but am having problems doing this consistently and I think sub 60 10k will be a bridge too far.  

Tell me how it is going for you. Or tell me if you think this type of obsessing is a bit sad.


  • Hi Steve, if you think that is obsessing I won't show you my spreadsheets lol.

    Nothing to report from here really as I only started running mid July. You seem to have the same sub 30 and 60 min goals as me, both of which are targets for the end of the year. Personally I need goals so I can track my performance over time but this time around am going for time on feet rather than speed as the last time I tried this running lark I just tried to run faster everytime I went out and that was counter productive. Am currently just jog/walking and trying to jog further up the hills with each run with shorter walk breaks.

    A major goal for 2013 will be to run 1,000k but time will tell with that and will be on the lookout for a 2013 goal thread here later in the year image

  • Andi. Great to see there are more like me. Definetly agree that obsessing on speed can be counter productive. I dipped under 30 mins once (which I now suspect was a garmin FR anomally). I then spent two weeks trying to run consistently at that level and getting demotivated. 5k time is hovering around 30/31 mins. The 10k is consistent at 64 mins and cant imagine how I will shift those 4mins off.

    Might join you on the 1000 in 2013. Let me know how it goes. image 

  • *waves* I too make goals for myself, same as you guy sub 30 and sub 60. I hit Sub 30 a lot but sub 60 is a killer!! I WILL do it and so will all of you image

  • I've been running 20ish weeks.  So far done 499km not that i keep track or anything image On target for hopefully my first of a few marathons in just under 3 weeks.  Not quick, but once i get the mara out of the way might look at improving my overall speed.  I'm more into just the general feeling good of being out there running.

  • booktrunk wrote (see)

    ...So far done 499km not that i keep track or anything image 

    If that were me I's have run round the block a couple of times to make it 500kmimage Good luck with the Marathon bt.

    Well done Amanda, I've only run one 5k race in under 30 minutes (ok, I've only ever run one 5k race). This time around 33:32 is my best 5k time in training and 72 mins for 10k but tis early days still and hoping I'm still in the big reductions in time stage of training.

  • Andi:

    My last run was 32k I must admit I thought shall I do another just to hit 500... Then I thought f**k that I'm tired image 5 or 8 km tomorrow will do the job image
  • Jeez, 32km is a decent week for me! There again, A marathon is out of my league right now.

  • I started in the middle of January. I set myself one goal which was to do a sub 1:40 half marthon. A good challenge give that I hadn't done exercise other than walking for 25 years. I hit the target in April and rewrote the targets for a sub 20 min 5k, sub 40min 10 k, sub 1:25 half, and to run a marathon. Glad to say I have hit all those and have set my sights on a sub3 hr marathon. This was supposed to be a bit of fun/exercise. I've well and truely become an addict.
  • I’ve always wanted to run the London marathon- I entered a couple of times but never got in, so this year tried the charities and I got offered a place mid-August! But I also have spreadsheets, one where I have set myself weekly targets on where I want to be by the end of the week ( I couldn’t rely on the 16 week plan that most people recommend as I know I wont be able to cover the distance) so I’m training now for it. In about 7 weeks ive got from 1.5 to 5 miles comfortably, im so pleased.  But my aim is to run an extra mile every couple of weeks and maintain my pace which is about 10 minutes a mile. I know this isn’t that great but it’s a pace I feel good at and still enjoying. When I feel more confident then I’ll start looking to improve this. But I agree with you Also-ran, its so addictive! I just need to look at my diet now image

  • Nicola, sounds like you are building up the mileage in a sensible way. I will be starting training for London at the beginning of Jan, so once I get my last race out the way, I will be 'ticking' over and building a reasonable running base to start a 16week plan in the new year. Running at a comfortable pace that you enjoy will help keep you motivated. No point in busting a gut now as April is a long way, and you will continue to improve with steady running.

  • My goals this year were just to start running regularly again. The first half of the year was practically a write off, with me covering about 50 miles in total from Jan to July. Then I bought a push bike at the start of July and started commuting the 10 mile round trip to work, to slowly ease back into regular exercise. I picked up the running again in August, and have steadily built up to 20mi / week, and plan to continue to add some slow, steady miles. I've entered the London Marathon next year, If i don't get a place in the ballot I'll enter either Manchester or Milton keynes, which will be one or two weeks afterwards, and aim to beat my previous 5 hour marathon time, simply by getting more training miles under my belt.

    So, goal for the remainder of 2012 is to get myself into a position where I feel ready to start a 16 week marathon program.

  • My goal for May 2013 is to have completed a half marathon with a full by the end of next year.

  • It's going great for me- started the year with no interest in running, was bullied into a 10k through work, and have now really gotten into it.

    My initial goal was just to get through the Great Manchester Run without doing something to embarass myself (throwing up within sight of the start line, crying for my mother, soiling my shorts etc.). Now I'm aiming at getting under 25m for 5k, 50m for the 10, then onto a half marathon.

    One thing that I think is stringing out my interest in running is the nike+ website. Watching the miles stack up and my pace go up (or down) is a great incentive to get out there.

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