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  • I had my name on my shirt is great when the crowds are cheering you personally! The headphone people bug me too they have no idea what's going on around them or whether anyone is trying to pass!
  • My first official half marathon and It enjoyed every bit of it! Even when on two occasions when I had a water bottle flying straight past my head after water stations!

    My training PB was around 1:49 and I was aiming for around 1:45. I started in the blue funnel and after the first few miles my pace was slightly slow due to the number of people and the amount of weaving I was doing. However, I picked it up once I was back in Hyde Park and then again in the last couple of miles. Then at the 800m sign I saw someone from the same charity as me and though "I'm going to beat him". That must have been the longest 800m ever at full pelt. I started to think that there wasn't a 400m or or that I had already past it, but after a while it popped into sight and the last 400m went much quicker.

    Anyway, after a very enjoyable 13.1 miles, I finished in 1:43:45 image

  • Awesome race. My 3rd time and perfect weather again (it's a miracle especially given todays conditions). PB of 1.44:58 so the long sprint to the line was worth it. 3.5 mins faster than last year!

    Dead chuffed - having your name on your shirt really helped whenever my head dropped slightly. Already pre-registered for next year.. Agree that the headphone wearing runners were a bit of a pain. Lost count of the number of times people randomly cut in front of me - and pushed to the start in the race funnels.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @Tim - It looks like you can only register your interest as opposed to actually registering for the event... so you'll have the ballot most likely.

    Well done to everyone on their PBs

  • touie2 wrote (see)
    I had my name on my shirt is great when the crowds are cheering you personally! The headphone people bug me too they have no idea what's going on around them or whether anyone is trying to pass!

    We were there yesterday to see our neice and nephew run, and we did wonder why people bothered having their names on their shirts then wear headphones. 

    There were still a lot of people queueing for the baggage drop and toilets at start time, I don't think they were all there for the ultra.  Nevertheless, tempted to register my interest for next year . . .

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    **wonders if it's safe to come on here**  I wear headphones - SORRY.  I purposefully have rubbish quality ones and keep the music right down so I can hear crowds and marshalls.  I always check behind me when moving from my line and if I am moving sharply, I stick my hand out to kind of indicate (lots of non headphoned people don't do this btw).  I do hear and appreciate the crowds but I don't chat to others.  I am running a race and haven't got the energy to put it all in to my race and chat at the same time.  I'm not anti-social, I just can't run a half marathon as fast as I can and chat.

    Just my opinion....

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    @PipG - That's completely up to you and i'm not tarring all headphone wearers with the same brush but it was amazing yesterday. With some people it was so loud that I could even hear the song and sing along!

    I've run lots of races and yesterday was the first time where I saw more people with headphones than without them.

    I dont want to sidetrack the thread but it was just a comment.

    Also - Royal Parks Half are asking for feedback about the race on their FB page so if you're looking to give a comment about what you liked/hated - that's the place to do it.

  • Does anyone know if we can get split times? They had timing mats every 5k but only have the finish time on the results.

    As for head phones, I personally havent raced wearing them since 2008 and don't miss them. I got cut up by lots of poeple, some had headphones in some didn't. Noone started a random chat with me, and I didn't chat to anyone else on the way round.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @Catalin - They said that the individual results should be uploaded within 48 hours of the end but i've asked on Facebook and when i hear something i'll let you know.

    You're probably lucky that you didnt get a random chat with me... i might have talked your ear off!

  • It might have kept me going if you had! I thought about talking to people, but all I wanted to do was moan that my legs hurt!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I spoke to a guy who was walking at mile 11 and when I asked him how he was getting on - he said: Honestly? I feel like total b0ll0cks!

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    Hi Catalin - I've just seen on the royal parks half website that they have posted the results again. This time with all of the splits.
  • Sunday was my first race too and the atmosphere was amazing! Can't wait until next year but trying to fit a spring one in too - if anyone has any reccomendations let me know! I'm in London so can get to most places in the south and midlands.

    Catalin the split times are available on the app if you or someone you know has an iphone you can download it and check by adding yourself as a runner? The app's called RPFHM 2012 but if you search Royal parks on app store it comes up.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    The splits are now online (as i mentioned).

    @Toots - what are you looking for? Half? Full? There's Fleet, Wokingham, Reading, Brighton just to name a few!

  • @Toots - I would highly recommend Reading Half which is in March. Reasonably flat-ish and a great finish inside Reading FC stadium. The field is about double Royal Parks but I like it busy myself.

    I also loved Milton Keynes half last year.
  • I'm looking for another half Emmy, i've been looking for a busy one that's not too hilly! I'll look into all of those, thanks image

    Thanks Johnny, it sounds like Reading would be good. I like the idea of the busy ones, the idea of only a few hundred people terrifies me as it would feel like being an actual runner!! image 

  • Yes toots Iam looking for another half what about Brighton half in feb. I just was watching the video and pics of Sunday I so wanna do it again. And as for headphones sorry I can't run without them and I manage to say hi to people and give the children high five. Each to there own we all have our own reasons to run so many miles the main thing is we raised money for our chosen charity and we cross the finish line without been carried by a ambulance
  • Yes there were loads of headphone runners at this race and TBH it made me a bit sad. I probably won't run this one again. Is it the size? Is it cos it's London? I understand you get used to music in training but - at the risk of sounding hippy-dippy - I truly think you're missing out on the JOY. Surely there's a few seconds and some spare oxygen for a quick chat/moan/laugh/high five with the kids? You can still smash your PB. So many people just ignored the little kids wanting to high five the runners, their little faces lit up whenever I did it. (Think I added a good few seconds to my time trying to high five as many kids as I could!) 

    My first ever race was one of the super-friendly BHF 10k jogs (there's a few round the country each year). People run with messages on their backs to say why they're runnning/who they're running for - like the Breast Cancer ones I think. I started the race with headphones but by about 1k I ditched them purely so I could 'be present' (vom if you like, don't care) With messages like: "Running for Grandad Sid", "Running for baby Sam in heaven" or "Running for my triple bypass doctors and nurses", I totallu defy you to jog on by! I never had such an inspiring 50 minutes in my life. The RPFHM was beautiful in terms of location and weather but not much else. Where's the beauty, peeeps with headphones?!

    If I sound like I'm not a 'proper runner' then so be it. xxxxxxx

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @Ros - completely agree. 

    There's no such thing as a proper runner - we're all runners in our own way image

    Just a note - I've read that you can already subscribe to get the alert for the ballot will be open again.

    I think for me - i'd consider the ultra next time as long as it's a 'real' entry without the requirement to raise money.

  • Emmy_H - You can register now, although a public place is £200!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I've seen it.... I saw something for "early birds" for 80 pounds and even that was expensive!

    Ok... looks like i'll be doing another 50km next year. The eco trail of Paris is nearly half of the price for that distance!

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