Croydon 'Memsab' 10K

Does anyone know anything about this run? Terrain? Number of runners?


  • Terrain is road and pavement and is is through the Croydon suburbs although the start and finish is in Lloyd Park. There are usually about 200 runners and it is a bit congested at the start when it runs along Coombe road. Numbers were kept down a bit last year by torrential rain. The start/finish involves corssing over the tram lines. This is not a problem at the start at they time it to avoid any but just be a bit carteful at the finish. YOu cross the lines with 100 metres to go and could arrive at the same time as the tram !

    On a different note they are organising a family run for an adult to run with a child in Lloyd park. Good idea and venue but why can't they run it an hour after the main race start rather than the same time. I would usually run round with my 7 year old but my wife's view is she is not a runner and refuses to do it. More to the point if she was then she would probably do the 10K as well and leave the young man with the grand-parents. Amersham do this and although there are a few of us saying we must be mad to run the fun run (1 mile) after the main run we do it nonetheless.
  • How do you apply for this race? or if you want to turn up on the day do you just turn up at Lloyd Park?
  • Hols - I think you can apply via post or turn up on the day. I hesitated about running this race because my recollection of it (albeit some 7 years ago) was that it was too crowded. Paul - if you reckon on only 200 runners, I think it'll be ok but I imagine there will be more than that...
  • There is a link for this run via the Croydon Harriers website Here you will find all the info. you need and an email address should you want to know more. I hope this helps.
  • Thanks for the info. I'm fairly new to running 10k (first one was Nike in Richmond Park a few weeks ago) so am worried this may be too fast for me and i'll come in at number 201...but i shall take a look at this web site... Cheers
  • Deb,

    YOu may be right. DOn't think there were too many lasy year but it was torrential rain which probably put quite a few off. Still pretty crowded over the first couple of kilometres but not bad after that. Hols go for it you will be fine.
  • Never heard of this one, and I only live around the corner. Unfortunately I'm away on this weekend, but will make a note of it for next year.
    Did anyone out there watch the London to Brighton go through at the weekend. I couldn't believe the speed that most of the runners were going - the leader's must have been doing well under 7 min miles.
  • I am a member of the Road Runners Club and my parents still live in Whyteleafe so I volunteered to Marshal the London To Brighton. I had the junction of Bartlett street with the Brighton Road (by the Croydon Advertiser). I was just down from the Croydon Striders organised 10.5 mile drinks station. They were certainly moving pretty fast at the front. John Fulcher brought up the rear which was interesting because I often happen to run alongside John in various races in Hertfordshire (I live in Luton these days). Don't know how they can do 55 miles. The support is pretty sparse as well. I drove down to the Downs road junction over Coulsdon common once I had finished and helped out there as well which seemed to confuse a couple of runners ! First time I have marshalled but it felt like putting a bit back for all the people marshalling when I run
  • I was marshalling at the West Croydon end - my first go too.
    I've not been running much since July, so this has inspired me to get going again.
    I'm not keen on running in the summer as I don't like the hot weather as I'm a bit
    overweight and seeing lots of fit bods running around the parks puts me off a bit.
    Now the nights are drawing in and it's getting a bit colder I should be getting going
    again and seeing all those people running 55 miles at a pace as fast as I can do one
    has inspired me to get off my backside and start training again.
  • We ran down to Brighton Road to watch the runners go past and I was astonished at the speed of the first few. Does anyone know the time of the winners (or even of the finishers!)
    How does this work, by the way? If there are enough Forum members during a race (eg the 10k in Lloyd Park), is there a special code that we give each other to recognise one another!

  • Not sure on that - although there is no an Unofficial Runners World Forum Running Club (UKRWFRC) which has its own Forum. They seem to have their own web-site and shirts (yellow apparently). Other than that I am not sure. Maybe the UKRWFRC spokesman would like to comment (I think it is Snicks or Dog Walker (they must all be John Le Carre readers or something !)
  • I did this one last year (my first 10K I think!) and found it quite hilly and very very wet - I got drenched, and my shoes were full of water. Went home by public transport looking like a drowned rat (with nice medal!). Haven't been running regularly recently, so don't think I'll be up to doing a 10K in 11 days (might take me 11 days to finish!).
  • Deb,

    The results of the London to Brighton are now on The finisher came home in 6.00.57. There were 92 finishers inside the time limit and another 10 outside. 9 1/2 hours saw the last one in I think. There were about a dozen who didn't finish.
  • Thanks Paul - and for the other info. too.
    On Sunday I'll be the one wearing the Arsenal tee-shirt (well, you've got to keep the red flag flying!) fi anyone wants to wave!
  • Cool - I live in Selsdon, so will do this race!

    Good luck everyone!
  • Deb - Arsenal shirt ! People living in Croydon should support Crystal Palace not one of those Northern teams (forget Watford, the Thames is the Border). Anyway I won't be able to make this now as having marshalled the London to Brighton I have been roped into helping lap record at the 100 Mile world record challenge at Crystal Palace (that name again - but this time I mean the home of British Athletics) on Sunday (I must be mad it starts at 7am !)
  • Gus - so do I! Keep your eyes peeled for the Gooners shirt! Paul - thanks for your concern about my mental state(!) but 30 plus years of being a Red is a lot to shake off...Enjoy your 7am start.
  • Hi there- Done the Croydon 10k the week b4 FLM this year, not sure if its organised by the same people as this sunday, but I do know that there were just over 400 people as i have the race results posted.I enjoy this route as I run it every sunday twice and sometimes a third if the nite b4 allows me.laters
  • Monday morning after the race: how did people find it? It was certainly cold and, even though I don't have a problem with 10k generally, I remembered half way round that this is quite a tough one! Still, well pleased having knocked 7 mins of my previous pb!! (Doesn't make me Paula Radcliffe though - it still took 52 mins to complete!)
  • The course was described to me as undulating and this proved to be the case. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the course and thought it was well organised and supported.
  • Deb,

    Lets get this straight, you think it is quite a tough course but managed to knock 7 minutes off your P.B. ! Actually it is strange but it isn't what you would think of as a fast course but it was also my fastest last year. I know what you mean about cold, I was stood at the Crystal Palace at 6:30am. Before you ask I had to leave at 1pm so I don't know if the 100 mile record was broken but the leading Brit dropped out jst before I left. There were two Russians who were going well though. By the way at least Crystal Palace managed a draw at the weekend - I won't mention Arsenal's result !
  • Paul
    What Arsenal result!
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