The Grizzly

Can't believe entries are closed 90 minutes after they were due to open?



  • Hi Borders

    I tried (in vain) just after 6pm when I got home - sold out in just over an hour!

    Similarly gutted!! - but keep an eye on the various forum threads, as spare places often crop up (injury etc) nearer the time. Good luck.

  • Also gutted really fancied giving it a go next year, didn't even know it had opened and closed till I read this!  How many runners do they allow to enter?

  • Hi Laudy

    2000 I believe.

  • Blimey thats quick!!!  Will have to keep an eye out for a transfer then over the next few months....

  • Also looking for an entry, DIDN,t get back from work in time. Booked our accommodation in advanced! Would happily pay someone for an entry they are not able to use, this was going to be my last one due a back entry! Heyho
  • Jackie

    I shouldn't despair too much just yet. I understand that in the last 2/3 weeks before the race, quite a few places come up for grabs due to injury etc. The Organisers I believe allow swopping of numbers (with notice) - You (and I) will just have to take a chance on leaving it to the wire!!

    Same advice as I gave to Borders - just keep an eye on the various Forum topics in the run up to the race. I am sure you will end up sorted. Good luck! 

  • Hi,

    You are right, just peeved but I shall keep my eyes peeled nearer the time.

    Good luck to you also.
  • lots of places will eventually turn up on here probably

  • would echo the sentiments above-- The race was mentioned in Runners World and I think that there will be one hell of  a lot of people who have entered last night without realizing just how tough it is .

    I have done it 14 times and missed out this year but have previously picked up numbers in February off these threads..... so dont despair

  • i think February will be the month to pick up spare is a briliant race and was thinking about taking my OH to do it this year....had no time to think.........shows that a well organised no frills race with great support can get popular

  • Well it,s the New Year, non of our club wish to give up their number for the needy cause that is MOI! Anyone want to sell me their number, obviously I will reimburse any costs, I have accommodation would love a number to complete the weekend.

    Here,s keeping all bits crossed,
  • Hi. Have two entries up for grabs as unable to make date this year. Ran last year and had best race of my life! Seems easy enough to transfer places on Axe Valley Runners web-site. If anyone still wants places please email /forum/smilies/]

    Go on, dare you... 


  • Sorry folks, both places just been snapped up already.




  • Any one else out there! Come-on you know you feel sorry for me being the only one from our club without a place!

    My email is
  • Might as well bump this back to the top of the list!!  If anybody has a place that they can no longer use I would be happy to take it off your hands, obviously covering the cost of entry etc 

  • If you cannot do the Grizzly do the Exe to Axe Great race, great club, same location, similar course image 

  • Thanks SB, it does indeed look a cracking race but its a bit too close to the VLM so will be onto taper by thenimage

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