Alternative to Asics 2170

Can anyone advise what the equivalent shoes are in other brands for Asics 2170s? I am looking for similar support and cushioning but in an alternative brand.


  • Adidas Supernovas, to name one.

  • Nike Structure Triax and Mizuno Inspire are two models suggested by

    I find this site useful for comparing shoes etc, but you can't buy from them because they are US only.  If you look at the shoefittr section it'll even tell you whether you need a different size from your current shoe.

    It may be worth looking a bit wider as well as I've been a long-term user of the 2000 series, but in the last couple of pairs I've been havin g a callous forming on my right big toe due to rubbing.  I've started experimenting and found the Asics DS Trainer (which could be described as a lighter version of the 2000 series) and also picked up a pair of Saucony Mirage recently.  I've got on well with both and prefer them over my 2160s, even though the Mirage is quite different due to it its reduced heel drop (so not suitable if your a heavy heel striker) 


  • Saucony Guide 5 seems to get good reviews.

    I'm like Stutyr above - had a few pairs of 21X0, then went to DS Trainers and just ordered a pair of Saucony Mirage... As I've got fitter and faster, I prefer a lighter shoe.

  • Thanks for this advice everyone. I will start looking at the suggested shoes. I have always been happy with the 20X0s and 21X0s but have been shocked by the recent huge hike in prices and thought I would look around for my next pair.

  • Another option would be the Brooks GTS 12.... I've just switched to these after using the 21xx for years, and so far I'm loving them (but only done about 50-60 miles in them)
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