2 weeks to go, do i change my shoes?

Can i canvas some opinions?

Ive come to the taper section of my trainng for a 45 miler along the Southwest Coast path, Ive done most of my long runs in an old pair of Inov8 terroc 330 (good grip, not much cushioning) , which has gone ok but my feet can be pretty tender at the end of a 5-6 hour run.

Ive panic bought a pair of Salomon XR Crossmax (Neural) shoes which offer grip and cushioning but I havent tried and tested them on long runs.

It feels like a bit of a gamble which pair i should use, the non-cushioned Inov8's might be awful on the hard 10 road miles that comes around the 25 mile mark. But the untested Salomons might let me down earlier than that. (Ive had Tendonitus problems with the Guidance version of the Crossmax's but Ive now got the neutral type which i hope will be ok)

Any thoughts much appreciated.




  • Honestly - i'd say no, it's too late to change them. You won't be doing a long run, so you'll have no idea how any part of your feet or legs may respond to them - you could suffer huge blister problems, the same tendonitis problem - anything!

    The only possibility would be if you have drop bags, or access to crew or suchlike? If so, put them out near the end, so you could change if you wanted to - with a maximum of about 10m to go...then if you're feet are feeling beat up, you could change into them. I did that at my last race, but ended up not changing as I was happy with the soreness I had, rather than risking a whole new lot of other soreness!

  • Ultrarocker - Yes, thats the sensible option, better to tough it out than take the risk.

    I may be able to get a friend to meet me along the route so i'll take the salomons with me, otherwise Im stashing supplies in carparks along the route.

    Thanks for the advice, think i needed to hear it from someone else. 

  • No probs - sometimes just getting confirmation that what we thought is right is all we need image

    If you can get the friend to meet you with the shoes then at least you have the option...

  • I'd agree - stick with what you know and are used to. Personally, I'd even be wary of changing to a new and unworn pair of the Inov8's at this stage.

  • I was thinking the Salomons probably change my gait and even the muscles used, which over 45 miles is probably going to make a lot of difference. 

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