6 weeks in

And a few weeks out due to injury and man sniffles and I've just had my second enjoyable run. The first half was tough against a cold wind, up hill and in absolute darkness; quite a lot of walking! Return half 4 minutes quicker and only for the second time seemed to find the "zone". I think I must have plodded 18 out of 15 minutes which is a huge step after getting stuck a 3 mins. I've only tried 5k once for shits and giggles and only managed 47 minutes. This route was much tougher but fell short at 4.4k but was run in 36 mins with my last I'm being at 8m km pace. Now I'm going to have to force myself to rest a few days before getting back in to the c25k program. Thanks to all who suggested rest after recent disasters! I now see it can really make a difference.
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