Salomon Kielder Marathon

Getting a bit nervous, less than a fortnight to go and haven't fitted in any long training runs - longest to date is a round 13 miles. Yoinks...


  • How hilly was the 13 miles that you did?  My personal opinion is that it isn't a marathon course to be under-prepared for, but I may just be a wimp!

  • There was a bit of hilly.

    I know I'm under-prepared, figuring pace to hit the cut-off times and reckon there'll be a bit of "strategic walking" in there.

  • Is it a tough course? Article in RW magazine stated about 350m of ascent, which doesn't sound too much.

    Not running this year, but like the sound of it. Next year maybe.
  • I think the guy who hopped on a bus last year skipping the last miles would say it was fairly easy!

    I think there are numerous figures bandied around for the ascent and they differ wildly.  Some are from garmins which are notoriously bad at elevation calculations, others are from guesstimates from contour lines on the map.  I don't know.  All I can say is that I know the route reasonably well and IMHO it is quite tough.  Not the toughest by any means, but the organisers actively promote strategic walking at certain points - I don't think that is the case in many marathons.  One aspect of the leg-sapping nature of it is the relentless up and down.  You are pretty much either climbing or descending the whole time so there is no respite, and the descents sap your legs too.

    But I think the one point everyone agrees on is that it is certainly scenic - worth it for that!

  • Fingers crossed for the weather at the moment... image

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