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Hello runners! I am starting this to be brutally honest with myself and anyone who cares to read! I 'started' running over a year ago but through little progress, no discipline, weight gain, depression and injuries I have not got very far. I hit 15 stone a little while ago and oh my how awful that looked on the scales! I am 5'9 and luckily it has spread out evenly but still I am big and would love to get back to 10st 5lbs (I can not believe I used to think I was fat then!). I am currently 14st 8 and can run 1 mile no stopping which last year was a definite no no, so some improvements! My quickest mile has been 10min 18 secs ( which was today!). In June, on my 26th birthday I ran a 10k race with my boyfriend, brother and his girlfriend. Boyfriend (a healthy fit football player) did it in 1hr 7 secs, brother 1 min later, his girlfriend around 3 mins after, me 1 hour 20 mins. I was so happy with the time, the course was ridiculously hilly! But could not have been more embarrassed I was the last one over the line image I was so so close to being in tears but I did it and that's what counts! I would love to do it again next year and do it in around 1 hour! So two big aims: End weight goal: 10 stone - but fit , healthy and toned not just skinny. End running goal: London marathon - under 6 hours I need smaller goals otherwise I get de-motivated very quickly (only takes a week). 1st set of goals: Get under 14 st Run 2 miles in 20 mins Here I go! RTubbs x


  • Hey RT! I'm a newbie here and to running so take what I say with a pintch of saltimage

    Firstly, congratulations on your 10k time! Forget about bf, brother and his gf you completed 10k and have a pb - a target for next time and base your improvement on your times not those of other people image

    I'm sure you know this but running alone won't see great weight loss, diet is the key (or should I say a healthy eating plan). Running will help you get/stay fit and burn some extra calories. Good idea to have a major goal and break it down into more managable targets and am sure with the right training, diet and motivation you'll break both the VLM and weight targets image

  • Hi and Welcome,

    Well done on the 10k time! I couldn't even consider attempting at this time.  I've only logged a 5k and that took me 47 minues.

    I'm new here also...well I say new, I've been a member for years and year but due to a long list of reasons (some valid and some not), I've never kept my training up.  That's the goal this time!

    There are a number of reasons I'm here including the management of Anxiety and Panic dissorders along with weight loss.  So far so good on all fronts!  Andi is right on the healthy eating plan, that's how I lost my first stone (I'm working through my second towards my third stone of loss now).

    I'd love to run a half marathon but as things are I'm not too sure I'll get there any time soon.  So far my targets are to:

    1. Run a 35 minute 5k

    2. Run a 70 minute 10k

    Chip away at the times above.  I'd firstly just like to run a non-stop 5k this side of Christmas and I'll worry about the timings after that!

    I have an April deadline to achieve both of the above along with circa 3 stone weight loss.  All in the name of spine surgery so I'll be taking most of 2013 Q1 2014 off and then the fun will slowly start all over again.

    There's lots of motivation on these pages!  Definiately hekped me through the last 6 weeks or so.

  • Good luck both of you.

    It really is down to you, remember that if you are struggling to get out of the house or settle for x amount of dinner, the only person you are cheating is yourself.

    Do not worry about anyone else. The only person who matters in this is you, be selfish in the long run, it is better got everyone else as you will be happier if you banshee to reach whatever targets you are aiming for.

    I'm finding this out myself, and when you start reaching targets it's awesome.

    I remember my first sub 35m 5km nearly wet myself with excitement dashed home to show my oh my watch... It was awesome. Once I have marathon out of the way I would love to try for sub 30, but not sure if I'll ever get there I am just not quick image

    Just have fun enjoy yourselves and whatever you do remember it's a bloody sight getter for you than sitting in front on the TV.
  • Hi RowlyTubbs, I'm glad you've decided to take the step of posting here and very well done for the 10k - I know myself that it can be hard to exercise and race at any time, but often it's even harder when there are others around who are fitter and making it look easy. 

    Since you're being honest with yourself, I guess you want others to be honest with you too - and I hope this comes across as an attempt to do that. 

    You said that you have "No will power when it comes to food or exercise" - that's going to cause you problems and you will need to find some if this journey is to be a successful one for you.

    The important thing is that you have to want to be lighter and fitter. I know everyone says that they want to be fitter, but what I mean is that you have to want to be fitter more than you want to watch TV. You have to want to be lighter, more than you want to eat wrong foods or spend the evening in the pub drinking.

    Being fitter for me wasn't about making 1 decision on 1 day a year ago or 5 years ago, it is about making the right decision 5 times today

    You can achieve anything you want to achieve - this is in your hands. The question is how much do you really want it? No-one can do it for you and that's why you need to somehow find some will power, some motivation and some self belief. 

  • Hi RowlyTubbs , i'll try mi bit of input n see what ya think ...here goes ...

    Firstly i'd dump any goals at the moment , if you fail your goal your gunna be put off quickly , so lets just ENJOY getting out there , take music to listen to , run , walk , run walk , but enjoy it . dont use the weighing scales , bad idea ! 

    2nd i'd join "realbuzz" its free n a great site for runners , make a blog detailing each day , it doesn't have ta be full of stats . Maybe just that you ran for a bit then walked up a hill saw a friend , carried on for a bit etc etc , you will meet people on there that will be in the same boat , giving you support .

    3rd n this is what I do when buying food if it's more than 5% fat , I put it back , might not be the best thing but it works , 

    There are a few more things but I think i've taken up enough space so far ....


  • hi RowlyTubbs, well done on your times, and getting out there and just doing it. The other guys are right, never compare your times to other peoples (until you become an olympic runner of course! image), just look at how you are improving.
    As you are exercising you would be better to ditch the scales or at least only look at them once a month or something as a rough guide, this is because as you build muscle you may not lose as much weight as you thought. The best way of telling if you are on track is how your clothes fit. (as an example, after 18 months ish of running all my size 12 clothes are now loose and everything is more toned, but i havnt lost any weight at all!)
    I would also advise (if you havent already!) that you have a look and see if there is a parkrun near you.
    These are free timed 5k runs held all over the country at 9am on Saturday mornings. They are all run by volunteers (the runners take turns) and its a great atmosphere, not clicky at all, and best of all, people of all ages, abilities and sizes take part. Our local one has ages from 5 to 85, and from olympians to people doing a C25K walk/run schedule! you would get a lot of support and encouragement
    Check out the website here http://www.parkrun.org.uk/events/events

    best of luck!

  • Hi RT,

    You are doing amazingly well so far, but you do need to stop being so hard on yourself.

    One hour and 20 minutes is not a bad time for a 10k, and to be honest I have been at races where there would have been many people finishing after you, so don't be disheartened at being last - someone has to be, and you still did it quicker than all those people sitting on their sofas that day.

    If you struggle with motivation or become frustrated easily, some kind of visual aid works wonders. I know it sounds odd, but if you draw up a wall chart or training calendar, you will get a great kick out of crossing out each day as you complete that days' challenge - whether it be a run (but dn't run every day,) or a diet-related challenge such as "make a healthy soup for lunch."

    At the end of each day, or month, seeing a wall chart full of acheivements is very rewarding, and if you can keep it up for long enough, fitting in the new changes soon becomes second nature.

    Having some kind of reward system in place also really helps - something for the first week, month, and so on. Not a food treat mind, but a new top or haircut, whatever makes you feel good.

    Hope this is of some help to you, best of luck!

  • Using a phone app such as Runkeeper or Endomondo may help too, as you can program in running schedules and keep a track of how you are doing online.
    If you dont do well one week they dont tell you off but if you do well you get a 'way to go' type message to congratulate you! image

  • I love hearing people's stories as they really help to motivate me -this website is brilliant!

    I started running in March -prior to that i had lost 2 stone with dieting alone -since then I am on my way to losing my 4th stone. No longer "dieting" -just watching what I eat and running as much as I can. I couldnt run to the end of the street when i started -big sweaty mess. Im now doing 10Ks without stopping about 3 times a week and 5ks in between. I also use a crosstrainer at the gym.

    I have to be careful as I have had 4 lots of spinal surgery -hence the weight gain over the years -but I know my body and I know when it is telling me I am doing too much. Im currently off work with stress -been off 2 months -but thanks to running i am returning next week -and I feel great. Running has helped me so much. It is "my time" -I go out early -dark mornings but I love it. Seeing the weight come off and buying smaller clothes is such a buzz.

    Im 42 -started off at 16 stone 2lbs (im 5 11") -i am now almost 12 and a half stone. I still eat when i want -but in moderation.

    Only regret is not doing this years ago. I really feel i wasted my 30s being overweight and being a couch potato. Much happier with life these days. image


    Best of luck everyone and stick in there image

  • You're not losing weight or committing to weightloss because you don't want it badly enough.

  • Hi Rowly,

    I hope I got your name right.

    Try not to be disheatened. It takes time for some people to lose weight. While others seem to lose weigght quickly, but do they keep it off.

    Pick a weight program whether it weight watchers or slimmers world it does not matter which one. And try and follow the plan they give you. Some weeks you may only stick to the plan give you one day a week, or even less. But over time you will lose a lb in weight here or there.

    Its taken me five years to come down from 15st 09lb, to now im 13st 3lb. It seems a long time, but its staying off, I'm not putting it back on.

    Start going into the weight thread there's a small group of regulars in there and there all supportive of each other. Ignore the name and shame or congratulate bit, there just a great bunch to offer support and advice. What your experiencing is natural. You do want it bad enough, but it takes time for your mind to convince the body to start actually doing ssomething about it.

    I go in there from time to time,as I'm trying something new and want to see how well I do before announcing what I loss. Go into the inspire thread to once you have read some of peoples own experience, you will begin to feel that you are not alone, that others feel as you do to.

    The world loves a trier, Don't give up trying.

  • You were embarresed about being 20 minutes behind a fit football player? I know being last is not a nice thing, but I think you being way to harsh on yourself. I honestly do not think that is bad for someone who as you yourself confess is overweight. Plus running 10 minutes in a mile for someone your size aint bad going either. I'm saying all this honestly too. I wouldn't deliberatly set out to insult someone but I wouldn't tell someone they are doing a good job unless I meant it.

    Good advice has already been posted. The only thing I would add is, do you record how many calories you have burnt with a runnning pedometer? I think it's best to literally see a figure of how many calories you have burnt, the distance you have covered, and the time it took. For me, seeing how many calories I have burnt, etc and how frigging hard I had to work is my best way of avoiding food that isn't good for me. Or even if it isn't bad I just think how pointless it is to eat it for a few minutes of happiness and then spend tens of minutes burning it off.

    Honestly, keep on going.

  • Thanks everyone for your great advice and support. It is so nice to hear about people success and how different people approaches are. I am feeling much more positive now. As for the 10k I was SO happy with my time, it was just pretty embarrassing at the time when they announced over the loud speaker 'and here comes the last runner!' Oh dear god!

    I have done really well this week both food and exercise and am enthused for next week! I have wanted this really bad for a long time but have not had the mental strength, I now feel the better I do the stronger I get instead of being scared of failing, really hit a milestone. Sinbad, I love what you said at the end, hope you don't mind but I think I might use that a lot!

    I did a 5.5 mile walk today in 1hr 30 mins and felt great, was probably one of the last lovely days before winter!
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