2xu r:2 wetsuit

Hi all, Does anyone have any experience of using this model of wetsuit? I've never tried any wetsuit full stop so don't know what's good and what's not good but I'm in the US on holiday and have seen a shop with them discounted to $175 - which seems very reasonable based on UK prices. My plan was to hire one for a season to see if I enjoyed tri and then buy my own, but this seems like a bargain. What do people think? Cheers!


  • 2xu are a good wetsuit and that is a good price (most likely last years model but that doesnt matter)

    What I'd say is try it on and if it fits, is snug and is comfortable ... go for it 

  • I've just bought and sent back an XL 2xu as I could not get it to close around my shoulders, bought a replacement sailfish in ML+ and that fits fine, so watch the sizing of them, shame as it looked really nice.

  • I have a 2XU and am very happy with it. But personally I would not buy one, however discounted, without having first swam in a simliar sized one.


  • I have this wetsuit and as above watch out for sizing. The one I have is a very tight fit and has two cuts in it already from trying to squeeze into it - I followed the size chart and went at the top end, so it should have been fine. I think I paid over £300 for it too, so sounds like a bargain. (If i'm honest then for me I find there's little to gain performance wise over my £50 ex-hire suit, but at that price you may aswell find out for yourself!)

  • I'm on my second 2XU - both have ripped in the same place - in the small of the back where the zip is sewn in. Guys at the Tri centre said they've heard this a lot about 2XU - although may be just a bad batch???

    I've now bought a Blue Seventy!

  • Cheers everyone, I would be trying on as the shop is just down the road, but obviously wouldn't be able to swim in it. But then again having never tried a wetsuit on before I'm not sure how it should feel.

    I hate having to make decisions!
  • I swim in a 2XU ex-hire V1. I love the suits, and tried several at the lake I swim at before choosing a favourite. the R:2 is a very buoyant and a thicker, warmer suit - if you are a weak swimmer you will love it, but if you are a strong swimmer you may prefer to go up to a V series suit, or down to a T series, which are thinner, more flexible suits. 2XU suits come in 16 sizes, so read the size chart carefully and ask them for advice if you aren't sure.

    It is advised when you put wetsuits on that you start with the legs right up on your calfs, to make sure that the suit is well accommodated around groin, then move arms up over the wrist so that have plenty of stretch to accommodate the shoulders. You then pull the legs and arms back into position. If you don't put the suit - regardless of the brand - on probably then of course you will have problems getting it on/ripping it!

    There are lots of ex-hires about at the moment. I got mine from B2P Sports who run wetsuit hires at several lakes: they are well worth a look.

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