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I have been looking into building up my core muscles and found the below article which is perfect becuase ite specificly for runners:,7120,s6-238-263--13030-3-1X2X3X4-5,00.html

The problem is its not quite as detailed as I would like as I understand its easy to get these exercises wrong. Also I have read that it is bad for your back if you lift arms and legs at the same time when doing the superman core exercise and this article tells you to do exactly that, which makes me wonder if any of the other exercises are wrong? Does anyone know a good resource for detailed guides for these exercises?

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks


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    These are exercises that I do in a Pilates class. I'm sure there must be stuff online somewhere. Alternatively, if you can it might be worthwhile signing up for a few classes. I go to the local physio practice for mine and it's great for starting out as they constantly monitor form, ensuring you're getting the benefits of the exercises.
  • It's another version of the plank.  Can't see how it's bad for anything.  Chuck in some weights and you might stress your back, but using your own arms and legs is unlikely to hurt.  If it hurts stop and focus on what hurts.

    And the title - "15 min workout" linked with "Fast Abs" is so wonderfully American and misleading.... image

    Just saying!

  • I know, I wasnt looking for a quick fast abs exercise, honest! image I could tell just by reading the exercise it was no way a 15 minuite routine, probably do me a mischeif if I tryed to do that in 15 minutes! image

    I have considered pilates but wiorking shift work its difficult to go to a class on a regular basis. I will have to have a look to see if I can find any classes to suit my shift work.

    Thanks for you help guys

  • I ended up at the physio wondering why I had a bad back and got told that the arm-and-leg lift superman was too much of a strength exercise and my core musculature had become imbalanced.  Got rid of that exercise, balanced up my routine, and in a few weeks the back issues had departed.  Maybe coincidence, maybe luck, but just maybe true - that the back muscles aren't intended to be heavy weight lifters, just spotters.  I mean, when during regular activity do you use your back muscles to lift the entire weight of your leg up behind you?  Bird dog (knee down) instead of Superman eases the load by reducing the overall stress on the back.

  • Pilates doesn't work for me. It makes me break wind!image
  • Ratzer, thanks for your comment. I guess at the end of the day everyones bodys are different and can put up with different strains, and as I have problems with my back from time to time I should probably be carefull with this one. Thanks

    PSC - thanks for the warning! Wouldn't have wanted to be behind you in that class! image
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