Deep tooth-ache knee pain, what is it?

I've been googling but can't find the answer to my recent onset right knee pain. I survived a half marathon over a week ago with no problems, then started running again 5 days later but only a short 5k, but I went at a fast pace (for me!). Did the same for the next 2 days. On the 3rd day, my right knee started hurting, no swelling, just a deep tooth-ache like pain. It's 3 days since, somewhat better yesterday, but not much better today. I'm OK walking, it 's brought on when I force bend my knee or if I bend my knee and rotate my lower leg towards the left leg, but no restriction in movement.

Are there any physios out there, how can I tell what's happening in my knee, what exercises can I do to help, and most importantly, when can I start running again. Thanks!


  • Hi Sticky,

    I'm a physio...a few questions - any locking of the knee or giving way? Where is the pain (beneath the knee cap? on the inside or outside of the knee?)? I know you said it's deep but it would help if we know a little more.

    The most likely thing is just that you've overdone it, irritated the joint and it needs time to settle. Sometimes running faster can make a siginifcant difference - runners often increase their stride length and place more stress on the knees running fast.

    Hopefully it'll settle quickly if you rest for a few days, ice it and just gently keep it moving by bending and straightening it a few times every hour or so. You can cross train with a little swimming or cycling but it should be pain free.

    Once it settles try a gentle jog and see how it goes - your first few runs should just be focusing on comfort not speed or distance.

    Hope that helps


  • Hi Tom Goom, thanks for your advice. There was no locking or giving way, although I felt that the knee doesn't feel as strong. The pain feels like it's in the middle of the inside of the knee, there is no tenderness to touch. it is better than sunday when I first noticed it, but never had knee pain that lasted this long. Got a 10k in about 8 weeks, and really wanted to train properly to get a good time, but want to be realistic at the same time and not cause further damage. Shame I can't swim and have no bike! I've been bending it and moving it through the day. No problem with extension, ache only on extreme flexion.

  • Agree with Tom

    Too much, too soon.

    It sounds like sub chondral bone irritation due to a raised intraosseal bone that's what I call a precise diagnosis!!


  • That's one hell of a diagnosis Six! Very impressive!
  • Thanks guys! Good to have clever people around here!

    Do we know how long we are talking about before I expect the pain to resolve? Days? Weeks? No problem with walking, haven't been out running. Pain is not agonising but definitely there, brought on if I flex the knee. Thanks!

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