Leg strength, a simple workout anyone?


Can anyone advise me where I can get a simple workout routine for my hamstrings, quads glutes etc which can be done at home.

I know all of this is available online but everything that I go to is either hard to follow, conflicting info, requires weights (which I dont have)  I just want something simple that I can do, detailing frequency / reps etc.

I have so many problems with injuries that I feel I now need to start on adding strength into my routine.

Any nice simple guidance would be appreciated,

PS I have an exercise ball



  • Get an interval timer. Set it for 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. Do the following:

    1. Body weight squat with a jump up

    2. Back lunge into front kick, left

    3. Back lunge into front kick, right

    4. Burpee with 2 tuck jumps

    Repeat the above 3-5 times or until legs feel mashed.


  • Lunges andimage squats with or without the ball


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