Strength Training...

Hey Im looing for a bit of reassurance here really..

Im paranoid if im am doing enough strength training to supplement my running.

Currently I do one long gym session a week which includes, medicine ball and core work, squating, bencing pressing and back strengthening exercising.

Also nearly everyday I do pressups, plank, side planks, side leg raises just to keep things ticking over.

Is this enough? I run 4-5 times a week. Thanks in advance.


  • I keep meaining to do core training to supplement my running ... but never seem to get round to it. I do see the benefit in it, and feel I should do more especially as I'm returning from a (non-running related) knee injury. 

    The answer to "is this enough?" is "do you have any recurring aches/pains when running?".  If you don't then its fulfilling its primary purpose of keeping your muscles in good enough tone to support your running efforts.


  • Thanks for your response stutyr!

    In answer to your last question- no i dont have any aches and pains whilst running so I suppose it is doing the job. Thats reassured me a bit thanks.


    Also when I squat- I tend to squat large amounts of weight (for a runner) ie at the moment i squat 70kg on a barbell. Im just thinking whether this is entirely essential and whether I can 'get away with squatting less' .....?

  • Avit - Are you concerned that you're not doing enough strength training, or are you trying to get away with doing less?

    It may be beneficial to do more reps with a lower weight - e.g. instead of doing 10 reps of 70kg, you could do 15 reps of 60kg - but it depends on your size, build, goals etc. 

  • you want to be creating different stresses from when you run so heavy & few is the way to go. squats, deadlifts.

  • @singleton im concerned im not doing enough! but thanks for your advice

  • avit wrote (see)

    @singleton im concerned im not doing enough! but thanks for your advice

    That's what I thought initially, but then you were asking about 

    "whether this is entirely essential and whether I can 'get away with squatting less"

    Which confused me.

  • Yeh i was just thinking maybe squating 70kg is a bit ott for running....?

  • @avit. I couldn't disgaree more. In my opinion most 'runners' are disgracfully weak.

    I squat 120kg and have my eyes on 140kg by xmas. I'm 75kg body weight and my 5km and 10km times, while not 'club level', are pretty decent, esp considering I only run for a bit of phys.

    Runners at all levels, but especially those at a low level, need to learn that strength and size are not co-dependant. You can be fit (=run lots of miles) AND be strong enough to move some proper weight. You do not need to be a 100kg bodyweight monster to be strong.

    Also, getting stronger = instant speed.

    EDIT: Before I get yelled at.. this does not apply to elite level runners or anyone on here who is 7 stone wet through and runs a sub 3 marathon!!

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