Fuelling for an evening race

I have a 5k race next week, at 8pm in the evening and I was just wondering if or what I should eat beforehand? 

It's my first race so I will most definitely be nervous so would like to avoid anything that could cause more issues to an already jittery tummy! I finish work at 5pm and then have to be at the warm-up by 7pm. With commuting/driving time that won't leave me a lot of room to prep stuff so something quick would be good. 

Suggestions? image


  • I would have a small amount of pasta as close to getting home as you can, make it the night before and either have it cold as a salad or heat quickly in the microwave! Otherwise a couple of slices or peanut butter on toast if you are used to eating that, and a cereal bar!

  • Eat whatever you'd normally eat - you don't need anything special for a 5K image

  • Something like pasta is not necessary. A lot of people get hung up on carb loading for races. Just eat normally throughout the day, possibly a small something to eat between getting home and leaving the for the warm up... egg maybe or a small salad? If you really have no time you could always just take a gel 15 mins before the off and that will easily see you through 5k.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Depends on when you eat lunch/dinner. It was 8pm - i'd have dinner around 4.30/5pm and then run on that

  • I'd eat a normal lunch and after work I'd probably have a Boost bar about 6:30 and sip a bottle of lucozade sport between then and 7:30. You shouldn't worry about anything else with a 5K.

    It works a treat for me!

  • Did someone mention carb loading for a 5k? You might use up 500 calories or so, thats all. I would make sure you have a decent lunch around 1pm and then forget about snacks. You don't want anything swilling round your tummy for a brutal 5k
  • You wont be fuelled from your tea anyway - so its not necessary to eat really. 

    I'd not eat a proper meal before a race. Maybe a snack after work to tide you over - what you dont want is a full tummy bouncing around.

    Eat properly after your race. Good luck !

  • Thanks for all the replies! 

    I wasn't thinking that I'd a) have time or b) really need to eat dinner before a 5k- as long as I have a decent lunch. So was just looking for quick snack ideas really, thanks for the tips image 

  • WIB: I wasn't talking about pasta for carb loading I was thinking if I hadn't had a cooked dinner during the day I'd be starving by the time I got home from the race so would make pasta the night before and eat it quickly before I went! Cooked dinner that is easy to stomach, job done!

  • Sorry touie, the post wasn't aimed specifically at yours image

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